Know about free games & Rs.1000 BONUS on Rummycircle

Friends in this video i will tell you about the free games & for the Rs.1000 in the rummycircle every day they will conduct three free games like jumbo tournment, sunrise jackpot & power jackpot through these tournmests you can win the total prizes woth 34500 per day every saturday weekend loot rummy tournment will […]

how to play rummy game in RUMMYCIRCLE? (for biginners)

In this video i will tell you about how to play rummy game actually this is for who dont know the rummy game to know about this login to your rummycircle account click on the help tab at the right hand side corner and then click on demos these all are the video demos for […]

How to Snowboard : Toeside Falling Leaf on a Snowboard

Once again, I’ve learned a little bit about how to stand on your toeside. You want to do a Toeside Falling Leaf. It’s the same thing as the Heelside Falling Leaf; you’re just facing up the hill. Remember, keep your weight over your toes or you’re going to catch a heel as you fall backwards. […]

[HYDERABAD] क्रिकेटर मोहम्मद सिराज का T20 मैच खेलकर लौटने पर हुआ जोर्द्दर स्वागत THE NEWS INDIA

How to Snowboard : Common Snowboarding Mistakes

In this segment, we’re going to talk a little bit about common mistakes that I see people make on a daily basis. Things that you should try to avoid. A lot of times, I see people leaning in the back seat when they’re trying to make their turns. That is to say, their weight is […]

How to Snowboard : Aggressive Toeside Snowboarding Turns

Once you feel comfortable aggressively falling leaf on heelside, don’t neglect to toeside. It’s just as important and just as easy. Just remember, to keep your hips forward and your knees bent. All you have to do is look where you want to go. If you want to slow it down and stop, simply look […]

Cricket Live: ZIM 78 All out, SA 198 a/o South Africa vs Zimbabwe 2nd ODI online match stream

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Cricket Coaching Batting Tips How to Use Bowling Machines