Archery | Arrow Length

Hey guys, this is NuSensei. Today I want to cover a very frequently asked question about arrows, and that is: “How long should your arrows be?” There is a very short and straightforward answer. The rule of thumb is that you take your draw-length and you add one to two inches, or one and a […]

Archery | Assembling Arrows

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. I’ve had a few requests to walk through how to assemble an arrow from start to finish, and what better arrow to demonstrate this with than my new Easton X10s. Normally, you can buy individual carbon arrows, but the top level carbon shafts like A/C/Es and X10s are sold in […]


oh Yeah, your boy just jumped a lamborghini, it is gonna get much more epic later guys, we got the neon lamborghini, we got the Neon maverick hoodie. What’s up, Ayo good morning Logang whas poppin?! Look I don’t know How else to say this; if you’re not a part of the Logang you suck, […]

Welcome Uncle Pop for the 2018 – 2020 Women’s World Cup

Congratulations to Uncle Pop for another partnership with the ITTF Women’s World Cup See you for the next three year! Welcome Uncle Pop! Support us at the Uncle Pop 2018 – 2020 ITTF Women’s World Cup!

Olympic Archery Q&A | Everything Explained

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. With the Olympic Games in Rio finished we have another 4 year wait until the next Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. In the meantime, there have been plenty of questions about what people have seen on TV. Now, I have already made a video covering immediate questions people had […]

Archery | Buying Your First Bow #1 – How to Choose A Bow

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. This is the first video in a series on how to choose your first bow. For someone completely new to archery your understanding of a bow may be as simple as this. This is also a bow but I’m assuming you’re not looking for this, so let’s go from here. […]

Cross-Country Olympian vs Freestyle Football YouTuber – Training Challenge | Hitting the Wall

What’s up? My name’s Philip Warren Gertsson, I’m in Slovenia. My name is Vesna Fabjan. I’m bronze medallist from Olympics in Sochi in cross-country skiing. She’s going to run through her training routine with me, and I think she’s going to work me pretty hard. Oh, hey, hey, hey, sorry, sorry, excuse me. I’m supposed […]

Archery | Bow Stands

[shhh-thunk] Hey guys, this is NUSensei, and today we’re talking about bow stands. Now you are probably wondering “what the heck NUSensei, that’s a pretty boring topic,” and really bow stands aren’t that complex. There aren’t too many kinds, they’re pretty easy to get, and there’s nothing much to explain. However, bow stands can be […]

Underdog Spain Surprise the Crowd to Win Archery Gold – Barcelona 92 | Moments In Time

The Spanish Olympic committee did not expect anything from us. They would have been satisfied if we passed the first elimination round and nothing more. The first team we went up against in the elimination round was Denmark. The Danish team were a good reference point, as they had performed at a similar level to […]

Archery | Bare Shaft Tuning

One of the most common misconceptions that people new to the sport have, is that you can use any arrow with any bow. The reality is that archers will pick specific arrows to suit their bow, selecting a particular spine rating based on actual draw weight, which in turn is based on bow weight, and […]