Archery | What is Bow Tiller?

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Today, I will be covering the topic of what is bow tiller? And, by extension, why is bow tiller important? Tiller is a measurement. It’s measured using the bowstring and the bow itself. Now there are a couple of different measurements. The first one is brace height. That’s the distance […]

Archery | Choosing Draw Weight

Although getting a bow may seem complex It really comes down to making several important decisions such as how much you want to spend and what you want to use your bow for. One of the most important things you have to consider is what draw weight you want to get. Draw weight, in simple […]

Archery | What’s All That Stuff on Olympic Bows?

Hi everyone, this is NUSensei. Many of us who are just joining in and seeing Olympic archery for the first time may be alarmed to see how much stuff goes on an Olympic recurve and you might think oh that looks ugly or it’s unnecessary or excessive and if you don’t like the sort of […]

Archery | Nocking the Arrow

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Today I have a quick video covering a fairly trivial topic and that’s nocking the arrow. By that I mean putting the arrow on to the string. This really isn’t the hardest thing to do and I didn’t want to do a whole tutorial about how to put the arrow […]

Archery | Around the World Challenge

Hey guys, this is NuSensei. Today I’d like to share a game that we’ve been playing at our club for the past few weeks. I call this “around the world”, and it’s suitable for two players. Our particular set-up uses four sets of bug’s eyes 20cm field targets, although any target type can be used. […]

Archery | Recurve Limbs – What’s the Difference?

The two most important parts of your bow are your riser and your limbs. They’re also the most expensive parts. Now an expensive riser has some fairly obvious differences to a cheap riser, but limbs generally look the same. So what’s the difference? In fact, there are quite a few things which you should know […]