Ole Miss Football: Breeland Speaks Press Conference (7-24-17)

You know, kind of gave a fun speech and everything, it seems like you would be a cool guy to play for, him being elevated in his role a little bit, what do you think he’ll bring to the defensive side of the ball, what are the best qualities about him? I love Coach McGriff, […]

The Season: Men’s Golf – The Sweep by the Surf

(Inspirational music) – [Golf Member] We’re in Memphis International Airport. We’re heading to Phoenix right now. That’s the next stop between here and Hawaii. – [Golf Member] I think we have, well I’m guessing, three and a half hours to Phoenix and then probably six or six and a half over to Hawaii. I’m going […]

Ole Miss Volleyball: Signing Day – Lauren Delo

[MUSIC] Lauren Delo a 6’2″ setter out of South Carolina. And she’s somebody that we’ve known for years. Back when I coached in Tulsa, that’s where she was at the time. Just a player that we’ve seen grow immensely. And she’s been an outside hitter and she’s been a setter. A very good court IQ. […]

Football – Quarterbacks Position Group Preview (2019)

Kickoff against Memphis is rapidly approaching and we’ve got one more position group to break down before it’s time to finally put the ball down. No more Jordan Ta’amu calling the signals on offense so he hands the keys off to Matt Corral who enters the year as a red shirt freshman. Corral saw action […]

The Season: Ole Miss Football – LSU (2018)

[MUSIC] Last week on The Season; Landshark was started me and Tony was good friends. And he asked me, you know, “Paul I want you to hold that double team down, I’m going to come through there like a shark baby.” Give them the signal there of sharks. The Fins Up is just a unifier, […]

The Season: Ole Miss Volleyball – Beat State

[MUSIC] Rivalry games in college sports are oftentimes where you can throw the records out the window. Because no matter what happens in a season, no team wants to beat you more. No team knows you more than your rival. With this year’s Ole Miss volleyball team finding it’s way through a grueling SEC schedule, […]

Coach McGriff vs Coach Roach on the Golf Course: Episode 1 (2018)

[MUSIC] The 2018 Ole Miss Rebels are building. 12 months ago the Red and Blue were faced with uncertainty and ambiguity all while searching for their next architect. During the 2017 campaign the crew learned even the slightest adjustment can make all the difference. A year later, the foundation has been laid by a man […]