The Season: Ole Miss Football – Fall Camp (2015)

– [Voiceover] This college football season starts a new era in the entire year will be cast against a new and exciting back drop with the college football playoff. Hugh Freeze in his third season at Ole Miss, he’s put together terrific recruiting classes in the Rebels, they’re hoping that this will be a magical […]

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Kent State (2018)

[MUSIC] Last week on The Season; Well you guys said he’s a football player, he’s also a baseball player. Brown was drafted by the San Diego Padres. I kind of wish I’d came out here and played now man. He’s got that bug inside of him. There’s always that itch. Baseball does that to you. […]

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Sugar Bowl

– [Voiceover] Previously on The Season. (bowling pins topple) – Who said I wasn’t gonna pick it up? I’m a bad man from the country. – [Freeze] Today we’re playing on unified teams for Special Olympics Mississippi. – We’re gonna keep this trophy here in Oxford, is that okay? – Yeah! (crowd cheers) – They […]

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Memphis (2019)

Last week on The Season. There’s one thing about Ole Miss, and it is a family. So, when you put that Ole Miss on, you walk around with your chest out and you walk around. We are the University of Mississippi. You know we’re out here doing a photoshoot. You know, we’re trying to look […]

The Season: Ole Miss Volleyball – Lauren Bars Profile

Colorful personalities are something that is not lacking on this team. There are many words you can use to describe sophomore setter Lauren Bars. Spontaneous. Energy. Smiling, that – she never stops smiling. She’s got a smile on her face, a typical thing for her. Bars with the attack to tie things up at 11. […]

HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss Volleyball vs. UCF 2-3 (09/01/19)

[upbeat music] Welcome inside the Gillom Center here on Day Three of the 2019 Rebel Invitational. We got a great one for you on the SEC Network Plus as Ole Miss hosts UCF. Thompson again power swing. One hand. Pop up by the setter Olson. Sabol rejected by Warnell! Bair huge hammer of a swing […]

The Season: Ole Miss Volleyball – Showdown In Athens

(pensive music) (spirited music) (energetic rock guitar music) – Listen. We’ve got about an hour and a half here. We need to be focused. We’re doing this in our gym so that we can have more energy and get more out of it going in to tomorrow. Y’all said y’all liked this? – [Voiceover] Yeah. […]

The Season: Ole Miss Volleyball – The Rebs Are Runnin’ (2019)

The 2019 Ole Miss volleyball team comes into Sec play riding an 8-game win streak Through the swings and turns of a season the matchups with the top of your conference become measuring stick contests that can spring a season forward With the Tennessee Volunteers coming to town the rebels were more than willing to […]