Ep 4 “The Golden Trio (Plus One)” – Overthinking with Kat & June

( music playing )( singing ) ♪ Think of waterfalls ♪Okay. Pee.Someone’s in here. Can I please come in? – No! – Okay, but I have to brush my teeth before I go to…Get a bagel and come back home.– …work. – Can you please just give me like a minute? Okay? She probably thinks […]


Yeah, so I just watched one of the most amazing golf Championships ever. I mean they hit like three or four hole in ones. They hit like five home runs They made 19 touchdowns a bunch of fights. They asked you how are you just say that you’re fine? You’re not really fine. You just […]

Duchess of Cambridge plays volleyball: Kate shows off skills at a SportsAid workshop in London

Hit it. Yup, oh lovely. Shuttle cock and move. Shuttle cock and move. Great rally guys. Errr excuse me, no spectators onto the court please. Oh how embarrassing. Actually we’re very sorry. She’s okay. Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at a SportsAid Workshop in London to meet young athletes. Kate who’s a patron of […]

We Try To Escape 5 Stars In Grand Theft Auto 5

– The freeway is over here somewhere. (tires screeching) I don’t know why I stopped at a red light, I forgot what I was doing already. (energetic music) (police siren wails) – I used to do this when I was younger. – I like doing the missions in Grand Theft Auto, but I’m not very […]

Let’s play basketball. Badminton. (Suggestion/Sports) – Rap for Kids – English song with lyrics

Basketball, basketball. Let’s play basketball. Sure, sure. Sure, sure, sure. Let’s play basketball. Badminton, badminton. Let’s play badminton. Okay, okay. Okay, okay, okay. Let’s play badminton.

10 Minute Photo Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

(upbeat music) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey and I’m here with my sistah, – Jordan! From JustJordan33. – And today were going to be doing the ten minute photo challenge. At a resort. – Oh yes. – So, but we’re having this as a twist up. I am gonna be taking pictures of Jordan first […]