Farmers’ Golf competition in Switzerland – Red Bull Hornussen

Hornussen is a Swiss traditional sport. You need four things to play it: a stick, a “hornuss”, a “traf” and a paddle. It dates back to the times of Jeremias Gotthelf. Red Bull Hornussen is all about the strokes. It is different from the usual Hornussen game. We have invited the best 32 Hornussen players […]

Ölwechsel VW GOLF 3 1H1 (wie Motoröl und Ölfilter wechseln) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Use a combination spanner ı30. Loosen the oil filter. Remove the oil filter. Screw the new filter into its place. Use a drive socket No.13. Loosen the drain plug by a half-turn. Place a container under the plug and runscrew it completely. Drain the used oil. Set the drain plug in place and tighten it. […]

TSP’s Bonnet Pe Charcha ft. Harsh Beniwal | E01 – Football vs Cricket

Where the hell are you, man? Come soon! The match is about to start! We never get entry into the club because of you, man! Come soon! Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. Why are you shouting? Listen, have your curd and come. I don’t want to take any risk this time around. Bro, we’ve got to […]

Did the “Engine Restore” Compression Improvement Last? One year later (Episode 2)

So it’s been about a year since I used engine restore in my old Ford 5000 tractor There’s been a lot of requests for me to provide an update So since doing the video about a year ago, I’ve used the tractor for around a hundred hours The engine has done an outstanding job. The […]

How To Preserve Patina & Save The Appearance of Old Original Paint – Patina Preserver – Eastwood

yeah yeah patina and old cars is really hot right now but there’s never been a great way to keep that appearance looking out was when you pull it out of the barn some guys will use linseed oil and others will clear coat their car but both of these methods change the appearance of […]

Hydrogen; Nature’s Fuel

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth. It really is nature’s fuel. We’re at a very interesting stage of development of this technology where it’s not quite ready for prime time time but it’s getting tantalizingly close Fuel cell technology is evolving, the technology is improving constantly. We’re competing in a market that we […]

How to fix a Kubota’s RTV transmission

Hey guys we had a little mishap this morning we’re looking at is the actuator right here for the gears shift on a board RTV 900 and it’s stuck in Reverse so we basically had to back all the way home back into the garage and now we’re getting around to fixing it so what […]

Basic Car Care : How to Diagnose Car Smells

Hi, I’m Richard Goms. We’re here in Murray, Utah. We’re talking about basic car care. We’re going to talk now about how to diagnose car smells. You’re going down the highway you come to a stop, there’s a smell that you you smell in the car. It could either be normally it could either be […]

How to Change Fluid in Rear Differential : What Type of Differential Fluid to Use

In this clip, we’re going to talk about the proper way to change your oil in your rear differential. In this clip, we’re going to talk about fluid capacities, types of differential fluid and the appropriate way to fill up your axle after your oil change. What I have here is the typical cheap stuff […]

Never Use This Type of Engine Oil Additive in Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk about engine oil additives and specifically this new Lucas made for low viscosity oils that modern cars use, now to begin with I’ll give you a general idea about oil additives in cars, modern engine oils are really well designed and produced, you buy a brand […]