Can You Ride A Fixed Gear Mountain Bike? | Freaky Fixed Gear Riding

(lighting) – It’s a new bike day for me and I got something special! I got this (laughs). It’s not new, no. Here’s my Nukeproof scout. But this is new. Look at this peddling backwards! (gasp) and then forwards! You can’t stop peddling. This is a fixed gear bike so that means I have no […]

RC ADVENTURES – OUTLAW U4 Off Road Racing – Asian Scale Invasion PT2 – RC Truck 4×4 Action HK 2016

Monster Energy: Ballistic BJ Baldwin Recoil 2 – Unleashed in Ensenada, Mexico

– Remember the bet! You only got 20 minutes! I’ll see you on the beach. – Bye BJ! (Unleashed in Ensenada)

Range Rover Autobiography vs Suzuki Jimny – 4×4 face off | Autocar

Matt, we’ve just turned up here at Avalanche Adventure, an off-road centre. I’ve turned up in an off-roader – *the* off-roader – a Range Rover. You look like you’re on your way to hot yoga! I think it’s a bit harsh, I can see you’re not expecting to have to get out of your car […]

Barbie Jeep Rips Moab Trails!

800cc Honda Odyssey Engine Swap Ep.3

[Music] so this is how to make a G radiator mouth first step not your tube yep inch and a quarter hole saw one inch too and then the length this is the bent swing arm from the deep everything gets reused around here shred that up until she fits nice and snug [Music] perfect […]


all right YouTube I was looking on YouTube and I couldn’t find a review for the 2018 800km commander I’ve seen a couple for the 1000s and the 2017 model crown an croke got me like really I’ve never owned a Canon before this is my first one and I bought it brand new yesterday […]


if you’re going to camp out away from civilization away from utilities you’re going to have to do your business the old-fashioned way and then vary it vary it deep if you want to safely put out a fire you should bury it bury it deep these activities require a spate whereas we Americans call […]