The Healthy Habit Of Archery | Living Healthy Chicago

Healthy habits are important at any age and can be a great way to help us maintain our health as we get older. Now this next woman says archery has been an amazing tool for keeping her active. And it’s a lot of fun too. (upbeat rhythmic music) Sometimes the best way to pick up […]

Archery | Fivics Saker 1 Finger Tab Review

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the Fivics Saker 1 Finger Tab. Fivics was the most popular brand of finger tab used by Olympians in the 2016 Rio Games. Although there are many different Fivics tabs, the distinctive Saker tab is frequently seen in the hands of top archers. […]

Archery | Around the World Challenge

Hey guys, this is NuSensei. Today I’d like to share a game that we’ve been playing at our club for the past few weeks. I call this “around the world”, and it’s suitable for two players. Our particular set-up uses four sets of bug’s eyes 20cm field targets, although any target type can be used. […]

Archery | Making Bowstrings – String Material

There’s a difference between these strings, and it’s not colour. Now many people want to get into making bow string thinking “Man, I really want to make this awesome red bow string.” And we go online, and then you see this: Wh… wha… what the heck is all this? What’s BCY? What’s dyneema? How much […]

Archery | Old School Bows – and Problems

Recently I’ve been pretty busy practising my Olympic recurve. But, I volunteered to take some time to look at school equipment, to get it back into reasonable condition, so they can see more usage. Suffice to say, it’s quite different for my normal use. When I say these are old-school bows, I do mean in […]

Archery | Making A Two-Colour Endless Loop Bowstring

Welcome to another string making tutorial. Today we’ll be making a two color endless-loop string using BCY 8125G red and black. The process for making the string is identical to making a single color string. If you’re unsure have a look at my other string making tutorial. I’ll be pointing out things to watch out […]

Archery | String Maintenance

[shhh-thunk] A lot of people ask what do I need to do to maintain my string. The answer is simple: you wax it. You can buy sticks of bow string wax like these. This smaller one is a Bohning Accelerator wax. It’s a wax and string conditioner. Sounds like something you put in your hair, […]

Archery Basic Tips | How To Look Like A Pro (On Your First Day)

Now, archery is meant to be fun and all, but whenever I see someone do this, I cringe. For many people, their first and only archery experience is that one time they’ve been on camp. I’ve been critical about these archery sessions before, and in a nutshell, they’ll give you a bow and a few […]

Archery | Vanes – XS Wings

By now you’ve probably heard of Spin-Wings. These performance vanes are the choice of professionals, along with similar vanes, such as Kurlys and EliVanes. Easy to put on, they can improve accuracy thanks to the extra spin generated. Most competitive archers will be familiar with these vanes. However, they are not without their shortcomings. Unlike […]

Getting Ready For Your First Archery Lesson

So you’re looking forward to your first archery lesson. Maybe you’re feeling a little apprehensive about what to expect or whether you need to do anything specific. I’ve done a video on the basics of form in case you want a head start, but this video will look at what you can expect on your […]