TOP 5 Football boot technology that actually works – no gimmicks!

My friends Today we’re looking at a pretty cool top-five list over the boot technology that actually works See in these times of big ballertechnology and boundaries constantly being pushed or the football brands they need a standout technology to really set them apart from everyone else and to stay top of mind in your […]

NFL week 17 Sunday pregame show NFL football picks week 17

NFL National football league game picks and NFL predictions week 17 NFL Sunday pregame show before kickoff who to take to win today’s football games NFL Vegas lines against the spread picks money lines at 5 minutes into the video lets start with the NFL Sunday game match ups New York Jets at Buffalo Bills […]

SECOND DAY SNOWBOARDING | snowboard beginner

These 3 football skills will shock your team mates | LEARN THEM

In my opinion I think it is the daily dedication, see a lot of videos and train a lot. Dedicate your self as a professional Either in a club or not, but you have to demand a lot from yourself to be the best. And learn from the trainers In my opinion it is the […]

Nike Football | Raheem Sterling: Dream For The Next You

The thing is… When you’re a naughty kid from Brent. You do things you’re not supposed to do. Like acting up. Giving cheek. Moving mad. Or like getting that England cap… by 17. You’re not supposed to do that! Like shutting down the hate with some words of your own. Like realising it’s not all […]

NFL week 15 picks predictions Scores upset picks football season 2019-2020

NFL week 5 picks and predictions national football league 2019-2020 NFL season NFL Games I will be talking about today NFL Week 5 picks and predictions for the 2019-2020 football season Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 5 Let me know in my comments Below thanks Subscribe to me […]

Nike Football | Behind the Design: Kylian Mbappé’s Bondy Dreams Collection

I’ve always been a dreamer, a big dreamer. All my childhood memories are here, on this pitch. It’s a part of me I left here, and that I love coming back to. I was lucky to start out here at an early age, it’s an incredible thing… The path he’s taken makes me dream. Being […]