Can You Fire an Arrow through 12 Axes? (Odysseus Archery Challenge)

[Sam:] Man this is gonna be a tough one [Wren:] I don’t think anyone’s gonna win (Cheering from everyone) [Off screen Niko:] We wanted to see who here was the rightful king of ancient Greece and the best way to do that is shoot an arrow through 12 axes So we were referencing the end […]

Archery Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the triple William– nah, I’m kidding, guys. Three is too many. It’s just a double. It’s just two. Dude Perfect. This is the bow fishing balloon buster. Let’s go, baby! This is the bow and arrow bottle buster from a Sea Doo! Whoo! Let’s go! This is the mobile gonger. Yes, let’s go! […]

Skiing Stereotypes | Dude Perfect

Ah! What a gorgeous day. Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Hey! Dude! Come on, man! Sorry, it’s kind of my buddy’s thing. Ow! Ugh! Got to let go, man! Woo! Ha ha! Ski tips up! It’s time to shred the gnar– Can you grab me a couple of chili cheese corn dogs? I’m going to smoke […]

Soccer Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the double crossbar. [YELLING] ANNOUNCER: Dude Perfect. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect here in the UK filming with the reigning champions Chelsea, FC. let’s have some fun! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Gary Cahill, and this is the gong shot. You boys look good. Name on the game today is how many nutmegs […]

NERF WAR! Last To Leave NERF Blaster Battle!

Freeze Frame Football Battle | Dude Perfect

DANGIT, IT BROKE! I think we’re gonna need to call an ambulance. (I agree) What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect- welcome to Freeze Frame Football Battle. HERE WE GO! (WHOO) Weird Musiz First round, each knock-down is worth 2 points. The freeze frame cutout is worth 5, and the winner advances on to the finale. […]

Nerf War – Brother Battle PDK

You’re right Stephen Sharer, this Nerf N‑Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster is awesome! I love these Nerf attachments you… Carter you can’t have the Nerf Retaliator, that’s my gun! Yeah but it’s mine. Yeah what you’re gonna do? No, Carter Sharer, get back here! Get back here, you can’t have the Nerf N-Strike Retaliator. Oh you […]

All Sports Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

All Sports Trick Shots. I love it already. Dude Perfect. Got a football, a tee, and a bat. This is the 80-yard Crossbar. Looks good. Oh! Let’s go! What a start to the day, baby! Woo! All right, Cobes. Get up in the sunroof. Cody is going to throw us a bomber. Let’s do it, […]


Liz you’re up first so pick your favorite blaster and let’s go for it I’m gonna choose the mega nerf blaster oh okay let’s do it I have a target and go for it Oh Sharers that blaster has got some serious power I’m thinking what we’ll do is we’ll set up a bunch of […]

All Sports Golf Battle 3 | Dude Perfect

All sports golf is just as fun as it gets What’s up guys, we’re dude, perfect. Welcome to the TADPAS GV third annual Dude Perfect all sports golf battle And yes, Cory left this bag at the airport Dude perfect Ladies and gentlemen here We are in the great state of Missouri at the wonderful […]