The Grand Tour: Punch

– Oh, man! – James, come on, will you? Ow! (GRUNTS) (CRIES OUT) I’m winching myself. Oh, that’s much better. Well, I say it’s “much better”, it’s less shit. SEAMUS: Go, go, go! Come on. We’ve got to make up time. – I’ve got a great idea. – Yes? – Why don’t you get out […]

ATV Quad Bike Offroad Simulator Game | क्वैड रेसिंग मोटर बाइक गेम | 賽車遊戲

this video is only for fun

MY FIRST ENDURO, ENS Lites 2019 #5, Stage 1, Palenasu Offroad Park, Japan, GoPro HERO7 Hypersmooth

Today on Burabura Yama … I strap a number to my bike… … and get stuck in the mud… …twice! My friends Yuto and Minami took me out to Palenasu Offroad Park in Tochigi Prefecture, to race in the ENS Lites. It is the fifth race of the 2019 series, but my first race whatsoever, […]

4×4 Offroad Racing – Car Games for Children – Android Gameplay FHD

4×4 offroad racing android gameplay

Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne drag racing off road –

The thing about the Range Rover, and this one in particular, is just the way it wafts along the road. You can actually feel your heart rate going down and just your mood lifting. As a result, you don’t really want to pile down the road in this car fast; you just want to bumble […]

Offroad Goofs & Bloopers ► All 4 Adventure TV

Oh he just wet the cameraman. The cameraman is not happy with that. No worries, mate. No worries. It’s got a hard bottom, but if you slide off to the side, and that’s what it was trying to make me do, you’ve gotta put front difflocks in. Okay? Yeah, mate. You just wet the cameraman. […]

Offroad buggy testdrive

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! We arrived at our testing ground See who’s here for this historic moment We expect to get wet Let’s dress for it And he only has one of those.. Be careful not to take off I’m ready! Like this The poncho doesn’t help at all This overall neither.. The […]

Why attend RIT Mud Tug 2018?

The MudTug is a 10 V 10 tug-of-war event so there’s five big mud pits dug behind Gracie’s and then ten teams on each side of that and they tug for about four hours and usually we have about 100 teams there so it’s pretty pretty big day, thousand participants. And all the money goes […]

RIT on TV News: Mud Tug Bright Spot

>>Finally tonight our Bright Spot shines on some local college students getting down and dirty for charity. Last month, an annual game of tug-of-war held at RIT. Mud Tug is a bracket-style competition. All proceeds go to the Hillside Family of Agencies, sponsored by RIT’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

RIT on TV: Mud Tug 2012 Breaks World Record

>>(ADAM CHODACK): Instead of hitting the books this morning, some local college students decided to hit the dirt instead. RIT students got dirty for the 17th annual Mud Tug. It’s a fundraiser for Hillside Family of Agencies. The losing team in each tug-of-war has to take a mud bath.>>(CHRIS STEWART): People love it. They look […]