Can You Ride A Fixed Gear Mountain Bike? | Freaky Fixed Gear Riding

(lighting) – It’s a new bike day for me and I got something special! I got this (laughs). It’s not new, no. Here’s my Nukeproof scout. But this is new. Look at this peddling backwards! (gasp) and then forwards! You can’t stop peddling. This is a fixed gear bike so that means I have no […]

What Is The Ultimate All Rounder Bike? GMBN Vs GCN

– Right, I think cross country mountain bikes could be the ultimate off-road bikes. They’ll go up anything, they’re super light, and you can pretty much ride down everything as well. – Alright, I’m not gonna disagree with that, Neil, but if you ask a roadie what the ultimate do-it-all bike is, they’re probably gonna […]

Light Or Heavy Trail Bike? How Important Is Mountain Bike Weight?

– [Neil] So, how important is weight on a trail bike? A lighter bike definitely has its benefits for climbing but overall, what difference does it make for everything? The old saying goes, pick between light, strong, and cheap, you can only have two of those three things. – [Marc] So we are going to […]

Urban Freeride Lives 2 – Fabio Wibmer

3D Model Tug Boat Review

Tug Boat 3D Model Review

Mountain Biker Nicole Tittensor Showing Off Her BlackBox Enclosed Bicycle Carrier

Hi Guys, It’s Nicole Tittensor, we’re just down on the farm and getting ready to go on our next adventure the BlackBox. And I wanted to show you guys how we’re able to fit our three 29in Scott bikes in here. And it also keeps them fully enclosed protected from weather and makes us feel […]

3D Model Golf Cart Vray Review

Golf Cart Vray 3D Model Review