Best Golf Driving Range Practice Routine – 5 Stroke Challenge Day 10

It’s day ten let’s hit it okay we’re just starting off with a sand wedge shots at the range we’re gonna go you’re full sand wedge which should be a 3/4 swing we want 20 balls at a target if you hit a bad shot doesn’t count but just that’s your warmup kind of really […]

How to Play Draw and Fade Golf Shots!

driving-range date today let’s do it okay let’s get started on our range day today we’re gonna step it up we’re gonna be a little more precise with everything we’re doing so first thing we want to do is shoot 50 yards that’s 56 yards so that’s the shortest I want to go and I […]

Swing the Golf Club Hard or Smooth? What is Better and the Stats to Prove it!

okay I’m at precision golf centers here in Torrance California I just can’t leave this place it’s too much fun today in this video what we’re gonna talk about is should you hit a hard iron shot or should you swing smooth should you take less Club or more Club what’s gonna happen to your […]

The Best Golf Practice Net!

okay I’ve got this net right there there’s a few holes in it because my son crushes the ball and he knocked a few holes in it so I think today we have a little solution for that let’s do it these guys are net plays right there they sent me the new and improved […]

How To Regrip Your Golf Clubs at Home!

ah that’s my voice echoes hear that it echoes when I talk over the thing plus my pass out these are the sonar grips these are the TS ones Janice’s compound fingerprint technology I don’t know what any of that means today we’re just gonna install up a little more comprehensive view after I have […]

The Best Golf Swing Rotation Drill!

they’re so good had to get a second one today we’re talking about golf swing rotation how do we get the rotation we need to produce the results we want let’s do it right now oh if you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel hit the subscribe button and the building notification so you don’t […]

What Bounce is Right for Your Golf Wedges?

so does bounce matter well we’re gonna find out if it does right now let’s go okay if you’re new to the channel I do a lot of golf tips and drills and product reviews so hit the subscribe button and the bell notification so you don’t miss anything today I’m at precision golf centers […]

I Broke 80 1 Month After Doing This Drill || Golf Tip || Golf Drill

so there I am I’m like 19 years old I’m shooting in the 80s mid 80s I’ve never broken 80 in my life and I started doing this drill and a month later at Torrey Pines North Course I shot a 78 my first tile in the 70s ever and I’m gonna show you that […]

Golf Hitting Mat Review – Motivo Golf StrikeDown Dual-Turf Tour Golf Mat

Oh how’s it going today we got some special just do it okay if you’re new to the channel I do a lot of golf tips and drill videos to help your game also a lot of product reviews so if you haven’t subscribed to the channel please do that now and hit the bell […]