Necessary Roughness (9/10) Movie CLIP – Samurai Football (1991) HD

Break! This is you, baby, this is you! Let’s go! You must show us some respect.It’s a seesaw battle. Neither offense can move.Colts driving now with the ball.Armadillos better stop them.How could the ref call that?It was a clean kick to the face mask.That guy’s going ape shit. Boo! Come on! Attababy! Illegal contact. Number […]

Happy Gilmore (4/9) Movie CLIP – The Waterbury Open (1996) HD

– [ Crowd Moaning, Laughing ] – Goddamn it. Time! Relax.Just do what we talked about. Don’t look at the green. Make contact with the ball. There’s no goalie to block it. It’s all in the hip. Hey. It’s all in– Come on. Work with me now. It’s all in the hips. Yeah. It’s all […]

Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1/9) Movie CLIP – The Car of Tomorrow Today (1988) HD

Hold that tiger, hold that tiger. Hold that tiger, hold that tiger. Whats this? Did you put this in my car? No. Did you, what is this thing? What is it? My friends you are in for one doozy, what can I call this? This is history in the making. Is there anything you want […]

Animal House (3/10) Movie CLIP – Only We Can Do That to Our Pledges (1978) HD

And one, two… Company, halt! – Whoa. – [Horse Nickering]Dress that line. Dress that line, mister.Dress that line, soldier.Mister, hold my mount.You fat, disgusting slob.You’re a goddamn disgrace! A vicious mother, isn’t he? Yeah. He can’t do that to our pledges. Only we can do that to our pledges. Redo those buttons. Dress that belt […]

Fletch (8/10) Movie CLIP – Can I Borrow Your Towel? (1985) HD

Hi. Where’s Mrs. Stanwyk? In her cabana. I’m supposed to meet her. Cabana six? Cabana one. You would like something to eat or drink? Actually, I would. Charge it to the Underhills? Right. Do you have any caviar? Si, senor. Beluga. But it is $80 a portion. I better just take two portions. How’s the […]

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (6/10) Movie CLIP – Do My Wife (1996) HD

(crowd screaming) (firing) (snickering) This is cool. Ow! Cut it out, butthole. (woman screaming) Butt-head: Whoa. (screaming) (snickering) Hey, baby. I’m, like, pretty tall. Damn it. Cut it out, I’m trying to score. (guns firing) Bunghole. Hey, baby, how’s it going? Hey, hey, hey. No way, beavis. I saw her first. Damn it! I’m gonna […]

Firestarter (9/10) Movie CLIP – Showdown at the Barn (1984) HD

What more doyou want from us? Why can’tyou just let us go? [ Rainbird ] You can’tjust be let go. l don’t think your father even believes that now. – You’re dangerous, and you know it. – That’s not my fault! l know that. l don’t care about that. All l care about is you. […]

The Jerk (4/10) Movie CLIP – Navin Calls the Cops (1979) HD

l got it. Just send a police car over. Mrs. Nussbaum’s credit card. l got the guys who stole it. [honking] Hold on, they’re calling me. l’ll be right back. [car honking] [men chattering] Yes? Yeah. Throw a couple of tires in the trunk. Put it on the card. Radials. (Navin) Okay. Make them whitewalls. […]

The Great Outdoors (5/10) Movie CLIP – Golf and Go-Karts (1988) HD

I got you. I got you!

I Can See! – Trading Places (1/10) Movie CLIP (1983) HD

Who’s that? Who’s there? What you want? Police. We’ve had some complaints About con men pretending to be blind and crippled. Oh, I’d love to help you, man, But I ain’t seen nothing since I stepped on that landmine In vietcong back in ’72. It was rough, very painful. You were in nam? So were […]