See This 15 Passenger Electric Shuttle with Pink Paint Job- From Moto Electric Vehicles

Good Morning. Brett Jackrell here from here to review our 15 passenger shuttles with the 6.3 DC upgraded motor. Now guys, this, we wanted to do a video here because, obviously the custom paint jobs. Our shops, we have the best shop guys in the nation when it comes down to electric shuttles and […]

2 Passenger Electric Utility Cart From Moto Electric Vehicles- GoPro

♫ Opening Music ♫ Brett Jackrel here from here to bring you a really cool review guys. We got the Moto Drone up above. You’re gonna see some really cool shots during this thing. We’re reviewing the 2 passenger enclosed utility deluxe. These things are packed with shelves. We did this for a university. […]

Make a Wish- Moto Electric Vehicles gives away a Street Legal Golf Cart to Trevor Austin

Good Morning. My name’s Brett Jackrell, sales manager for and over the last three years of doing videos, this might be one of my favorite ones guys. Moto Electric Vehicles has partnered up with Make a Wish Foundation to give a kid here in Coral Springs, Florida, his name is Trevor, one great wish. […]

Large Electric Shuttles For Sale- 28 Passengers From Moto Electric Vehicles

Good afternoon. My name’s Brett Jackrel. I’m your sales manager from Moto Electric and I’m here to review the 28 passenger electric shuttle from Moto EV. This is our biggest vehicle of our fleet, its 28 passengers. It can hold 27 guests and 1 driver, and that’s a real advantage with this cart because you […]

27 Passenger Electric Tram Shuttle | Wheelchair People Movers for Sale

Good afternoon. Brett Jackrel, Sales Manager here from Moto Electric Vehicles. Today we’re at beautiful Atlantic Beach, Florida, to review the 27 passenger ADA Tram and we’ve been getting a ton of orders on these guys. If you a question after this video do give us a call or talk to one of our sales […]

8 Passenger Electric Roadster From Moto Electric Vehicles

Good afternoon. Brett Jackrel here with my sales associate here, Brendon, here to review the 8 passenger Roadster from Moto Electric Vehicles. Now guys, this is a beauty. Not only have we added a 4 and a 6 to our fleet this year, but this has been our bread and butter when it comes down […]

28 Passenger Hard Door People Mover Electric Tram

Good morning Moto Electric viewers. My name’s Brett Jackrel, sales manager for Moto Electric and I’m happy to present our 28 passenger shuttle again to you, but with the hard door setup. This is the first time we’ve done a hard door kit on the trailer and this is for a customer up in Ohio, […]

23 Passenger Electric Shuttle Bus from Moto Electric Vehicles- GOPRO-Drone

Good afternoon. Brett Jackrel here, Sales Manager for, here to bring you the 23 passenger shuttle review and we’re gonna go over a lot here guys. This is 18.4 feet of sweetness guys. This is the biggest shuttle you can get out there that’s fully electric. Now we’re not talking 50 miles, we’re talking […]

Large Trailer- People Mover Trailers From Moto Electric Vehicles

Good morning Moto Electric. We thank you for joining us on this video review of our 15 passenger electric shuttle with the hard door kit. This is brand new in 2015. We just released it here in October and we’re looking forward to many sales in 2016. So with further ado, let’s get right to […]

Golf Carts for College and Universities- Street Legal 6 Passenger Golf Cart

Good morning. My name’s Brett Jackrel, and I’m with and we’re here to review some collegiate golf carts we did, once again, for the University of Michigan. Guys, the universities are eating these things up. We’re selling these to athletic departments. These two are going to the University of Michigan football team. We’re doing […]