Homemade 4×4 buggy offroad test

Yes there is our beautiful buggy again. Yes And we still had to do something with it. I think so.. something with tires? I put tire on now, ok? It fits now. Hey see the difference. Do we have to fix it on moment? Yes you’ll have to fix this on this moment. Maybe put […]

Grocery Store Stereotypes

Oh, my bad. That’s all right. I’ll just go the other way. Oh. Oh. Oh. OK. Here I just need to go– Should I back up? I’m sorry. Oh. Rotate. Where did you find these? Hold on. Hold on. You ready to check out? Oh, yeah. All right. You go left. I go right. Sounds […]

Dump Truck Color Ride | Learn Colors with Construction Vehicles – Colours for Kids

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Building a 4×4 buggy out of a Ford KA, Sierra and VW Golf!

Don’t fall hey! That’s Verhoeven, he is a skilled surfer! Here are the leftovers of our Ford KA. The front axle. And what we have there is a rear axle of a Ford Sierra. And we have a lot of metal. I think we are going to build something. -Right Just like in the supermarket, […]

Monster Trucks with Blippi Toys | Monster truck Song for Kids

Have you ever seen a monster truck before? They are so enormous, they are gigantic! Let’s listen to the monster truck song. Monster trucks are big, monster trucks are loud. Monster trucks jump high in the sky and they make such a monster sound. Monster trucks are big, monster trucks are loud. Monster trucks jump […]