CIPA Extra Large UTV Rearview Mirror Installation – 2014 Polaris Ranger –

All right today in this 2014 Polaris Ranger Crew 570, we’re going to install Part #CM-99287. This is a CIPA extra large UTV rear view mirror. A couple of things to know about this mirror, it has a wide angle convex mirror, it has an aluminum bracket that will resist corrosion and the mirror face […]

Polish and Buff Stainless, Aluminum, Gold – Deluxe Metal Polishing Kit from Eastwood

mark Roberto product manager here with Eastwood you’ve seen my shop typical pilot you guys got now we’re back here at Eastwood I want to show you one of our hot new products here what is it’s our new all component buff cab now this kid here what we have is utilized to either use […]

CIPA Golf Cart Adjustable Side Mirror Review –

Today we are going to be taking a look at the CIPA adjustable side mirror for golf carts, Part Number CM01140 The CIPA golf cart mirror is a great addition to your golf cart It helps increase visibility when you’re backing up or when you’re out on the links It features a ball and socket […]