[HYDERABAD] क्रिकेटर मोहम्मद सिराज का T20 मैच खेलकर लौटने पर हुआ जोर्द्दर स्वागत THE NEWS INDIA

Trump In 2011: ‘Plays Golf To Escape Work While America Goes Down The Drain’ | All In | MSNBC

The First built Formula Offroad car in Sweden – Baby Blue Beast

I built the car in 1989 and sold it 2008 Then I bought it back and today is the test run Im sure you can tell its not mint condition The engine is a Rover V8. Its basically a Range Rover with a new body according to regulations. Just need some lights and a car […]

BAYLOR FOOTBALL Gameday is INSANE! | Saturdaze

– What’s up, everybody? This is Dez from COISKI and I’m in Waco, Texas for Baylor vs. Oklahoma. You know what that means. This is ‘SATURDAZE.” – It’s my first time at Baylor. What’s the one thing I need to know? – We’re here to have a good time, sure, we’re a Baptist University but […]

A Day in the Life of a Student on TCU FOOTBALL Gameday | SATURDAZE

*Club music plays* – What’s up, everybody? This is Dez from COISKI and I’m in Fort Worth, Texas right now for TCU versus SMU, Battle of the Ion Skillet, and this is “SATURDAZE.” So we tried to get some student tailgates for y’all but security around Fort Worth has kind of been cracking down on […]

Is Colin Kaepernick Serious About Playing Football?

Hey Star report ak8 star in the morning Friday very early how are you how are you um folks I was headed out to the gym this morning as I do I fixed my way Baalak shake took a b12 shot and I started thinking about this Colin Kapernick circus that’s coming to Atlanta I […]

EVERY INDIAN TOSS STORY | Gulli Cricket || Goli Soda | Telugu Vines

heads or tails? Obviously Heads😎 heads ah 😏 Where’s the coin Man? 🙄🙄 it’s gone mate! ☹ The only coin that was, it’s gone now 😑 You people lost my only coin? 😩 Go get it bro, Goo 😼 hey, I thought of drinking Goli Soda with it! 😞 Now how? Lets do it with […]

The Lion That Plays Football

AGNES: I’m Agnes Mululeke, the curator at Johannesburg Zoo, I’m in charge of carnivore section. So I am looking after all the big and hairy and scary animals. AGNES: Triton is our male white lion, he’s pure white, he’s not a carrier of Tony coloured genes, he was bred here in Johannesburg Zoo and hand […]