PANG Qing & TONG Jian Playing Badminton [English Caption]

TONG: So why are we in Qingdao? >>PANG: You can explain, no need to be courteous. TONG: First of all sight-seeing, to see Qingdao’s scenery in May. But more importantly, to provide up-to-date badminton news just before competition on condition and status of athletes, for all badminton fans.>>PANG: Since everyone gets nervous before a competition, […]



goodmorning everyone! AHHH. It is my first vlog , um i guess im taking the raines today so your guys are going to see what i do on a daily baises, actually today is a friday, i mean wait what is today. today is saturday. stupid! today is staurday, so you guys are going to […]

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Too Much Public Affection Prank!

– Hi everybody, Jack Vale here. And you’ve all seen the relationships out in public that are a little overly affectionate. (giggling) Well, we’re going to do that today. Isn’t that right? – That is right. – [Jack] We love each other so much. – [Woman] Yes we do. – [Jack] We love each other […]