Game Theory in Football Explained

Football has more money than ever before, and it has made some football clubs enter a perpetual cycle of hiring managers, spending huge sums of money, and when things go awry, sacking the manager and doing it all over again. This endless pursuit of immediate success and lack of stability is the result of poor […]

Inside Football’s Transfer Market

In the space of twelve weeks, a hyper-ventilating global football industry exchanges billions of pounds as a coterie of chairmen, agents, footballers and their families enter a high-stakes poker bonanza to outwit one another and grasp their cut of the winnings. It’s the transfer window, where money meets machismo, and for which the public have […]

Would you pay $235 for a football kit? | CNBC Sports

The start of a new Premier League season brings with it a host of new players, and with them, an array of colorful fresh club kits. All 20 Premier League clubs freshen up their look every summer, with fans buying up the new shirts to match the stars on the pitch. For the 2018/19 season […]

Are Corner Kicks Becoming Irrelevant in Football?

Corner kicks are always greeted with a thunderous roar. They bring hope, however hopeless they actually prove to be. Statistically, corners are football’s least effective set-piece and are in a worrying state of decline. Since 2000, across Europe’s big-five leagues, they have led to a goal just 3.3 percent of the time. 4 in 10 […]

The Funniest Chants in Football With Lyrics ||HD||

-Los cánticos más divertidos del fútbol- Robbie Savage, parece una chica Parece una chica Parece una chica Robbie Savage, parece una chica Perdemos todas las semanas No sois nada especial Perdemos todas las semanas Perdemos todas las semanas Perdemos todas las semanas No sois nada especial Perdemos todas las semanas Se fue porque sois mierda […]

Punk Football (2013) Documentary on FC United of Manchester

Ball back to the keeper Go on Wolfy! YES!!! Wolfy Scores! The keeper clears a terrible clearance straight to Wolfy and he hammers it from halfway in the Witton half and it flies into the net while Norton chased it down What a goal from Wolfy! That’s a great ball over the top and here’s […]

What is a Director of Football?

A sporting director is now a common part of any elite footballing structure. While generally understood as a measure taken to protect clubs from the growing financial risk associated with their sporting decisions and as a means of ensuring continuity, the mechanics of the role remain vague. Previously, football departments were governed more simply, by […]


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