NESert Golfing: making an NES golf game

I made a game called NESert Golfing. If you haven’t played it, there’s a link in the video description where you can download the ROM, but I’d like to talk about why I made it, and how. I’m very interested in the NES as a platform for games, and I often think about how well […]

Best Out of Waste || Reusing Badminton Shuttlecocks Box

Welcome to Om Lifestyle & Decor Today I will show you how to transform a Badminton Shuttlecock Box using Aluminium foil and paint I will be using these fabric flowers from an old dress You may also use pistachio shells or the cardboard flowers for the embossed effect. I will also be using this string […]

Make FREE tug and chew toys for puppies and dogs of all sizes

Jessie and I are here today to talk to you about tug toys you can make from old sheet materials 3 00:00:06,002 –>00:00:04,002 towels, those kinds of things. And Jessie’s going to demonstrate for you in my lap. Right now Jessie’s chewing on a modified version of this which is a wonderful tug toy. If […]

How to Make a Water Balloon Launcher

How to Make a Water Balloon Launcher. The old-fashioned way of just throwing water balloons yields unsatisfactory results. We need something bigger and better. You will need A funnel 16-20 ft. of rubber or latex tubing 2 washers A few feet of rope A drill & drill bits and water balloons. Step 1. Drill four […]

Organize hardware in this cubby hole storage cabinet. Made from recycled wood.

Three most common resolutions for 2015: Lose weight, get organized and Microjig Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work safer, work smarter. One of the things I really like about having a workshop is that it’s constantly changing. I’m always adapting it to suit my needs as they change. I’ve been in this space for 14 years […]

Make Your Own Garden Shed Doors for under $100.

We all had our favorite Doors lyrics back in those days. But the ones that resonated the most with me went something like, “Come on Baby, light my…” Microjig, Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work safer, Work smarter. And this episode is also sponsored by Harry’s. This garden tool shed connected to my garage was probably […]

Build an Awesome Misting Machine in 15 Minutes

– [Voiceover] Ladies and gentlemen, for thousands of years, hot weather has plagued mankind, causing enough side effects to give you the heebie-jeebies, sunburn, heat exhaustion, and even worse, BO. But thanks to recent scientific advances in the Household Hacker Laboratories, we bring you the Magnatomic Ionic Space-Time Emission Relay, or just MISTER. It’s your […]