Extreme Liquid Nitrogen Golf

( upbeat music ) Welcome back. Now, I’ve never played golf a day in my life. It’s too slow-paced, I refuse to use tiny pencils, and apparently, in grown up golf, there’s no windmill or 14-year-old couples exploring each other’s mouths. Ooh, mouths? Mouths. Well, we thought, how do you make golf better? The answer […]

Hacking Open A Car Battery (for Lead and Acid)

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m hanging out today with my brother He came out from Texas because we’re doing an experiment with car batteries, and he used to work with car batteries I did. He used to sell them but we’re not selling them today. We’re actually gonna be hacking them open And I got […]


All these connections went together beautifully and this system is looking amazing. What’s up guys welcome back to the shop today We are jumping into some hardcore diy for today’s video We’re gonna be building a flamethrower now in one of my more recent videos I jumped out of the comments and found a suggestion […]