Underdog Spain Surprise the Crowd to Win Archery Gold – Barcelona 92 | Moments In Time

The Spanish Olympic committee did not expect anything from us. They would have been satisfied if we passed the first elimination round and nothing more. The first team we went up against in the elimination round was Denmark. The Danish team were a good reference point, as they had performed at a similar level to […]

What is Olympic Archery?

Although there is a general rule in the archery community where no style of archery is better than another, some people have a view on modern archery and its equipment that is kind of negative. This is particularly true for the Olympic style of archery. Traditionalists will look at their sights and stabilizers and go […]

A Young Katie Taylor Also Played Football For Ireland | Before They Were Superstars

(BEFORE THEY WERE SUPERSTARS) (KATIE TAYLOR) (AGE – 21 DATE – JANUARY 2008) (SPORT – BOXING LOCATION – BRAY, IRELAND) I can box and I can fight. No, I don’t always rely on one thing. I can mix it up and box or fight. I can deal with kind of everything in the ring. It’s […]

London 2012 Olympics Amazing Badminton Training / niezwykły trening kadra olimpijska Londyn 2012

Badminton Badminton was given its name from the country house in Gloucestershire, England. In about 1870 took place the first demonstration of the game. The court was rectangular (6.1 metres width and 13.4 metres lenght) and divided into halves by a net. The game was to strike a shuttlecock (made ​​of cork and feathers) with […]

Olympics: A ‘Breakthrough’ Win and a Badminton Scandal

bjbj”9″9 JEFFREY BROWN: We head back to London tonight for an Olympics update on what turned out to be a significant day for the American team. As always, a spoiler alert: Here come some of the day’s results. Day six of the Olympics brought new triumph for a diminutive American gymnast. Sixteen-year-old Gabby Douglas won […]

Brazilian Beach Volleyball Tournament – Red Bull Latitude Zero 2012

I’m Ricardo, I’m 37 years old, and I’m Brazilian. Bruno Schmidt, defender of the southern hemisphere. I’m Maria Clara Salgado, I’m Brazilian and I’m 29 years old. I am representing the southern hemisphere. Everything is uninterrupted and then everyone joins in a mixed quartet, 45 minutes long. I think the heat will be the biggest […]