🤬DROGBA RANT! “F****** DISGRACE!”🤬Chelsea vs Barcelona Football Flashback (Champions League 2009)

442OONS FOOTBALL FLASHBACKS Hello, I’m Didier Drogba. That’s Super Chunky Lampard. Schlong Terry. And Cashley Cole. We’re a Wheatus tribute band… Named after the Barcelona team we played in the 2009 Champions League Semi-Final… I give you… CHEATERS The score 0-0. Essien! What a dude! Bye bye Lionel! He groped Malouda! Pen! In the box! […]

Street Cricket Stereotypes | Paracetamol Paniyaram

*burp* Baahubali!!! You dumbass -What da? My bat! Dei! Take it! Ah! Shall I? -Hmm! SHALL I?! -HMM!! Bro bro A little lighter *epic miss* -immense celebration *still celebrating* Hey! Where are you going? NO bro They called me home Im leaving ok? Bye bye bye Atleast give the bat and go, we should play […]


Yeah, so I just watched one of the most amazing golf Championships ever. I mean they hit like three or four hole in ones. They hit like five home runs They made 19 touchdowns a bunch of fights. They asked you how are you just say that you’re fine? You’re not really fine. You just […]

The Champions: Season 3, Episode 1

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers… and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite… and start getting Re-al. This is… The Champions. And for my next trick, I will make myself reappear as a relevant player! Now that the transfer window is over, I could spend more […]

Badminton World Championship – 2017

scared of nothin determination Game on it’s a 2017 badminton championship brought to you by your local gas stations two-for-one deal on sour gummy worms. 16 teams comprised of elite shuttle cockers duking it out in single elimination tournament these are top tier athletes one team was seen coming in as the favorite they caught […]

THE TWILIGHT ZONE – Dan and Phil Play: Golf With Friends #3

P: Hello, Dan and Phil Games hole-in-ones! *SWING* and unfortunately Dan couldn’t be here today, so it’s just me (rip) D: BOOM! PSYCH! P: Who would have thought you were (D: Punk’d) actually here! D: Got ya P: Such a good disguise D: Can’t see me cause I’m wearing this P: We’ve totally used that […]

🔥RAMOS vs LOVREN: Football Challenges!🔥

🔥Football Challenges: Europe vs South America!🔥

FOOTBALL CHALLENGES: SOUTH AMERICA VS EUROPE SPRINT RACE CHALLENGE On your marks, get set, go! Oh no! This is my penalty run not my sprint run! Full speed ahead! Can’t go on… This shirt, it just weighs too heavy on me. 72m! A new PB! Yes! This is even easier than winning the Champions League! […]

🔥RONALDO vs SUAREZ: Football Challenges!🔥 (Parody)

for four challenges redundant versus Suarez the trickshot challenge oops my bad I thought he said Deadshot one-nil the cheeky challenge ok tit faith we’re rolling do you love me [Music] okay tooth face we’re rolling just like you when your play-acting to get the rough to give you a fall Mathi do you love […]

The secret behind Indonesia’s undying love of Badminton | Land of Legends

Before the Olympics, I have won several tournaments such as the All-England and World Cup. (SUSI SUSANTI, BARCELONA 1992 WOMEN’S SINGLES GOLD) But the Olympics was the biggest event. And Indonesia hasn’t gotten any gold medal before. After I got the first Olympic gold medal for Indonesia, everything changed. I could really feel it. (SUSI […]