“I Smoked Two Blunts Before Every Game”: NFL Vets on Cannabis in Football

I think people overlook that this is a medicine and it’s a healing medicine The only vegetable I need is right here Every weekend is like a car wreck And there’s only one test, right? In a way, the NFL is kind of like you know, they’re just looking away I’m ready now, I’m… Man, […]

“NFL 2019” — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

***You can turn these captions on and off using the CC button You know, back then I was a little baby Sweet and greasy You gotta love bread I know, you know there’s sandwich bread over there next to the coffee Oh yeah, I eat bread in the bathtub Okay,that’s gross to me There’s a […]

Oreo Cricket Milkshake Taste Test

– I don’t think it’s gonna taste weird. But I don’t know how I’m gonna get the thought of like a thousand crickets screaming out of my mind. (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) – Like we’rte gonna run out of regular protein? – Yes. – Like one day we’re gonna run around– – That […]

Badminton-Backhand Clear (16) The Best Way to Practice Backhand Clear, Step by Step

Now, how to practice step by step ok, first one caught the wrist tapping has to be done so, you caught the wrist like this, no like that like that, face straight, no like that this is difficult lets say you want to learn backhand clear fresh ok, side by side caught like this, so […]

Improv Exercises & Sharing Control : Improv Exercises: Tug of War

I’m going to show you an improv exercise called “Tug of War”. This is an exercise I use in one of the first days of improv class to get people to have a feel for what’s it like when they’re on the spot and they can control what’s going on, what are their instincts that […]

Badminton Coaching-How to Feed Shuttlecocks

How to Feed shuttle cock number 1 point the shuttle should be on your left arm all the way this way no like that, no like this, like this number 2 point the end of the shuttle cock should come out between these 2 fingers no like this, hard like that there please have a […]

Badminton-What Destroys your movement: Landing your toes

Do Not Land on Your Toes In badminton movement is very important skill I feel in a way you are hitting the shuttlecock with your feet not with your racket why I say that it doesn’t matter how good hitting skills you have if your movement is not efficient if your movement skill is not […]

MVCC Women’s Volleyball

[Announcer: Number Six] Being a Cyclone but when you’re also an athlete, you get to meet so many new people and you just become inter- connected with a bunch of different people that you didn’t think you would. I think the best part of playing volleyball for me would just be like have like having […]

2018 RIT Women’s Volleyball Senior Video

[Epic music] [Beautiful Guitar Rift Background music] [Singing] “Home of the Brave.” “My first year of college I didn’t play volleyball, so it’s just really fun to be like I don’t know going from not having that team aspect of college and then coming into, it I think it it really helped to get through […]

Tug of war with German Shepherd/Przeciąganie z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Do you want my old shit? Do you want? Pull Ops Bad yellow-red shirt According to Major Do you have a problem with rid of old shirt or any rags? You don’t know how to tear up them? Give them for your dog! He’s an expert in tearing up shirts Dog is the best man’s […]