Taking Care of Business… (Fallout New Vegas – Part 4, FULL PLAYTHROUGH)

Hey welcome back everyone these are the Rummy Bears I’m Rummy Bear Loren I’m Rummy Bear Sarah and we’re gonna be doing Part 4 of Fallout New Vegas remember we’re back in prim and we’re killing off the powder gangers that kind of took over the place today I’m drinking UV blue vodka it’s a […]


oh Yeah, your boy just jumped a lamborghini, it is gonna get much more epic later guys, we got the neon lamborghini, we got the Neon maverick hoodie. What’s up, Ayo good morning Logang whas poppin?! Look I don’t know How else to say this; if you’re not a part of the Logang you suck, […]

Comali – Official Trailer (Tamil) | Jayam Ravi, Kajal Aggarwal | Hiphop Tamizha

You were in coma until now, da – For how many days? – Just 16 years, da SIXTEEN YEARS?! Bro, I’m ready I thought you’ll be like Jayam Ravi You look like ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi – Chennai has become like America – Do you know how America is like now? We used to bathe in a […]

PRESNEL KIMPEMBE / THOMAS MEUNIER | Joue-La Comme ⚽ | Team Orange Football

Hi everyone. So, Thomas, the goal is to take part in “Joue la comme” you’ll try to guess the players or the things I’m miming. Are you ready? – Yeah, I hope you are too. Don’t look, don’t cheat. It’s all good, brother. Don’t even need it. Yeah, that’s good – Easy. Well done. I […]

Meet Julian Fleming, Pa. football’s next superstar Highlights

Southern Columbia High School wide receiver Julian Fleming is still only a sophomore, but he already has a certain maturity. Fleming’s up-beat personality exudes a supreme self-confidence, that approaches cockiness, but never quite bleeds over into it. And then you see him play. His raw speed, his reach and his ability to high-point throws are […]

How to Drive & Operate a Tractor : PTO Clutch on a Tractor: How It Works

An important add-on for your PTO or power take off is an overrun clutch like this. PTO overrun clutch is basically a ratcheting mechanism, this way is locked, this way it ratchets like a free wheel on a bicycle wheel. This allows a rotary implement like a mower to overrun your PTO shaft, hence the […]

Nike Football | Raheem Sterling: Dream For The Next You

The thing is… When you’re a naughty kid from Brent. You do things you’re not supposed to do. Like acting up. Giving cheek. Moving mad. Or like getting that England cap… by 17. You’re not supposed to do that! Like shutting down the hate with some words of your own. Like realising it’s not all […]

Kanika, A Short Film feat Nidhi Bisht | Girliyapa Ciné

The day after he met me, he’d said “I love you” We take the same bus every evening… Bus no. 107 He knows I sit by the window, and pretending to look at the sea, he glances at me He has penned my name behind the seat; I start giggling whenever someone enquires, who ‘Kanika’ […]

Dan Calls Out His Big Head & Relives His Football Days

– For a while, I had to take the ear pads out of my helmet to get my helmet on, and then would have to clip them in once I had my helmet on. (upbeat rock music) (fire crackling) – Ooh, ooh, wee. – Short and weak, but we’re back. It’s The Bonfire, Comedy Central […]