A physics lesson about Snowboard turn shape: Part 1

Hi I’m Sean Martin President and Founder of Donek Snowboards in this video I’m gonna explain how the different side cut shapes that we’ve produced can affect your riding in order to ensure that everyone watching is one the same page I’m gonna start with some basic concepts and then progress through some demonstrations intended […]

Blind Man Tries To Golf

(Tommy) Today, I’m going to try my hand at golf – ♪ [bumper music] (Tad) He’s the most fearless blind man in the world. (Tommy) I think the worst case scenario is in my head. I feel like I’m gonna look ridiculous trying to hit a golf ball. (Tad) Keeping my arm straight, like this. […]

Learn How To Snowboard: Front Side 360 | Snowboard Tricks For Freestyle Snowboarding

Yo! My name is Aymeric Tonin. And we are here in Ischgl Snowpark. I’m going to teach you today the frontside 360 Aight!!! A frontside 360 is a … full rotation spin in the air. With the chest … turning into the spin. First, you should check out the kicker. Then hit it with a […]

How to Play: Pickleball

Volleyball. Training Video. How to spike a volleyball. Part 1.

Hello, with you Vereshagin volleyball player Today we will consider the attacking blow The attacking blow is difficult technical element Therefore we will segment our training And we’ll start with making a lightweight version Gradually complicating Today we study – running start Running start, its main task to jump out up as it is possible […]

Volleyball. Training Video. Spike on force. Part 2

Hello, with you Vereshagin volleyball player Today we will continue to study the attacking blow The attacking blow, part second In the first part we have studied as it is correct to execute running start Running start from three steps, running start from two steps As it is correct to use hands at the beginning […]

[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 011: How to hit a Three Wood

Volleyball. Training Video. Overhead Pass

Hello, it’s Vereshagin volleyball player with you I love playing volleyball, I’m happy to share the volleyball technique with you In this video I will tell you about overhead pass how to make it right First of all. All pass in volleyball begins with the initial standing. So before we begin to perform the overhead […]

[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 027: POWER IMPACT