Knee Pain From Volleyball? How To Fix It

Quadriceps stretch Prone hip extention Clam exercise Side lying leg lift Quadriceps stretch Squat Lunges Step-ups Straight leg raise Leg extensions

How to Play Cricket : How to Bat a Leg Glance in Cricket

Hi, this is Ash on behalf of expert village. Today, we talk about cricket. In this clip, I’m going to learn you how to play a leg glance. A leg glance is usually played on the back foot. This is a shot where once the ball comes, the batsman transfer his weigh to the leg […]

How to Hit Volleyball Harder and Improve Arm Swing – Leg Action Training at Club Practice

watch as this high level volleyball player straightens her non hitting leg which blocks her hip torso and body rotation reducing arm speed and placing greater stress on her hitting shoulder now watch as she learned in about 20 minutes how to use her legs to trigger the rotation of her hips shoulders and arm […]

Badminton Footwork – Front Court Footwork – Improve Movement Speed

Today we will learn the front court footwork Backhand footwork is the same When you hit the shuttle in the front court, always put your right leg ahead Footwork steps are not always fixed Footwork depends on your position on the court Let’s learn how strafing is done Kids are not as tall as adults […]

Fielding Positions in Cricket for Right Handed Batsman | Long ON/OFF,Mid Wicket,Fine Leg,Square Leg.

Hello! Friends, Today in this Video we are going to see different Fielding Positions in a Cricket game. I assure you that after watching this video you can clearly understand the Cricket Commentary during a match. And let me tell you first all these fielding positions are with respect to a Right-Handed batsman so you […]

Cricket Leg Electrode Placement for hearing spikes

Backyard Brains presents: How to Record from Cricket Legs First, get some crickets at your local pet store and, as usual, put them on ice. Now, the key thing here is to cut the leg such that there’s a little bit of the Coxa attached to the end of the leg you cut. Now, notice […]

Badminton Tips – Footwork Part 3 (Back) – Coach Andy Chong (foreign subtitles available)

Now going to the back, I am going to start off with a shuffle going back to my forehand corner. Racquet up, move sideways, hit, come back forward to the middle. Once again, side shuffle, hit, come back to the front. You notice when I finish hitting I did a scissors kick, my body weight […]

01 Ferno Arachnipod Legs Explained

The Ferno Arachnipod uses telescopic legs with Anodised Heads. These heads enable the legs to connected together to form different configurations. There are three leg types, each with a different head: A Standard Leg, Pulley Leg and a Lazy Leg. All legs are telescopic, so they can be packed compactly, for field mobility and for […]