Badminton, smash, clear, singles, doubles, service, return service drop: What to think in practice

What to think in Practice Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming in this video I would like to show you what to think in practice if you practice something and how your mind should be working in order to maximize the time and effort of your practice this is very important in making wide […]

Badminton-Helping the Front Court Player in Doubles

Helping The Front Court Player Hello, I am Lee thank you very much for coming to IBBS In this video I would like to show you the number 4 situation in doubles, which is the rear court player help front player when front player is under pressure number 1 learning point when the front player […]

Badminton Fitness Training-Team Running

Team Running ok line please ok Captain do 2 set of 10 I ask the players to line up to mentally prepare them for any task that lie ahead. Without their attitude being set this way in advance, I don’t believe that they can perform or achieve the level that I expect from them. When […]

Badminton-Play To Win 3: Basic Grips

Grip and Posture ok lets see grip now, I think grip is very very important because if you have wrong grip, you are likely hit the wrong shot its like when you wear jumper, you put top button wrong then you finish with wrong button later so it does not matter how you do it […]

Badminton-Correction Smash (7) for Stas from Russia-7 (move your right foot forward as you hit)

Correction Smash (7) For Stas from Russia-7 (move your right foot forward as you hit) Next one when you are hitting in your movement in a match your right foot, racket foot has to come out with racket same time so watch my feet look set ready and look here bang or watch that 1 […]

Badminton Backhand Clear (Question 7)

Question 7 True or False? On a backhand clear, the player’s elbow should be fully extended at the point of impact. Question number 7 the answer is false at the impact the elbow must be bended rather than fully stretched watch this this is right way the wrong way, dangerous way to get hurt get […]

Badminton: Different Types of Forehand Net Drop

Different types of forehand net drop I would like to show you different kind of forehand net shots How many kind of net shots are there what to use, when normal net play for singles, doubles normal the net play you understood is here net ok hold net hold net now this is normal nothing […]