Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash Defence (3) Too big back swing

What Destroys Your Smash Defence (3) Too big back swing Making big back swing destroys your smash defense smash here watch my racket back and hit backhand that back and then try to hit it ok I would try to do this way have a look smash kind of middle speed ok watch this please […]

Badminton-Best Return of Low Service in Level Doubles (Level Doubles Correction)

Level Doubles – Correction The best possible option of returning low service Attack opponent’s body then 60-70% you can kill next shot ok Tim when you are returning opponents low service you hit to the side corners too many times and that gives you, your side under pressure watch this why? ok James is you, […]

Badminton Smash Defense: Two Different Types

Two different types of smash defence There are two different kinds of smash defence have a look please number 1 lift high with tap, in order to use your power its better to tap it like that rather than follow through forehand same tap rather than follow through so lift type 1, tap go high […]

Badminton-You Must Do Step One Every Time (Doubles)

when your opponent is hitting you are not doing step one watch this so here shuttle been hit there shuttle may come to me, may go to my partner then both of us have to do the 1 same time ok please smash any side watch our feet ok ready go move 1 2 there […]

Badminton footwork-Lesson 1 What is it?

Course 1. What is ‘Step One’ Lesson 1. What is it? What is step one? Step one is the first step before a player goes anywhere regardless singles, doubles, mixed doubles. Doesn’t matter. If a player go from somewhere to anywhere the first step the player must do is this step. And after this player […]

Badminton-Mixed Doubles: (1) Strategy for when Male Partner is Serving Low

Mixed Doubles When Male partner is serving Low Male player – Be ready for middle & rear court Female player – Be ready for the net kill go ready kill well done much better go yes Important Feet Movement skill for Female player Two Fee must ready together (Please watch her feet movement) ready go […]

Badminton-Doubles Where and how to Smash

When you smash, what kind of smash can you do to create opportunity watch this ok, when reasonably good player when they lift they move little bit backwards and their racket is like that as James prepared, ok ready for smash watch if smash goes there fast ok lift bang bang bang bang bang it […]

Badminton Correction Singles (2) For Jet from Germany-2 (Do more straight shots)

Correction Singles (2) For Jet from Germany-2 (Unless you have good reason do more straight shots) Next one in my view, you are choosing too many cross shots watch this ready Perry so this is you yeah you are taking shuttle here you lift cross ok watch this opponent smashes, I will try to defend […]