Learn How To Snowboard: Front Side 360 | Snowboard Tricks For Freestyle Snowboarding

Yo! My name is Aymeric Tonin. And we are here in Ischgl Snowpark. I’m going to teach you today the frontside 360 Aight!!! A frontside 360 is a … full rotation spin in the air. With the chest … turning into the spin. First, you should check out the kicker. Then hit it with a […]

Snowboard Tips – How to Spin on a Box – Steamboat Pro Scott Anfang

This is Scott Anfang here with Steamboat Snowboard School and AASI National Snowboard Team What we’re going to work on now is learning how to do a flat spin on a box. So, the way we’re gonna do this flat spin We’re going to take in the A-T-M-L again. Approach, Takeoff, Maneuver, and Landing. And […]

How To Backside 180 Melon On A Snowboard

Hi everybody this is Gabriel Sequeira. Today I’m going to show you how I’ve learned one of my favourite tricks, a backside 180 with a melon grab. To do this trick I broke it down into three different steps: one straight air with a melon grab, two a backside 180, three landing switch and riding […]

How To Backside 50-50 On A Snowboard

A Backside 50-50 is where you approach with the rail or box behind you, on your Backside. It’s a tiny bit more intimidating than a Frontside 50-50 because it just feels a little bit weird to be Ollie-ing on from the Backside.Try this a bunch of times on a Balance Bar to build your skills […]

How to Play: Pickleball

Football field – English vocabulary

Hi. I am Lukas. I am a teacher. And this is MonkeyEnglish. MonkeyEnglish is useful and simple. We will teach you the football’s field vocab. This is a football field or a pitch. This is a centre circle. And this is the centre spot. Every match starts here. This is a goal line. This is […]


Guys we’ve probably all tried it sitting in front of our computer with our smartphone ready to cop that Bangin’ pair boots that we’ve been wanting for so long but wait Before you press buy have you made sure that you haven’t made one of the most common boot buying mistakes that you can do […]


Say something funny Your face and with those words welcome to unisport uncut 59 This is Joltter. I’m Jay Mike and today Joltter nice guitar you hex exactly in the other place We’re gonna talk about why pro football is how they break in their boots when they get new boots all the flippin time […]

Beach Volleyball Vocabulary in Portuguese – A Dica do Dia

Hi everyone! Today we have a very special Dica for you. The Olympic Games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro and we are very close to the Beach volleyball arena. So today, we are going to learn the beach volleyball vocabulary in Portuguese. Take a look! This is the first vocabulary: Ball Second vocabulary: […]