How to Change Brake Fluid : How to Fix a Brake Fluid Leak

Hi! This is John on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip, I will be talking about how to fix a brake fluid leak. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes for brake fluid leaks, and it is not recommended to use a stop leak formula. If your master cylinder is leaking, they do sell […]

Hole in a Gas Tank Repair

For some reason we have a hole in the fuel tank. In my case it looks like they used a drill. But regardless of the reason we have to repair it. This is a photo taken the moment I discovered the hole. I did a search on the internet and found this product with very […]

Repairing An Automotive Tire Bead Leak With Sealer

Aluminum wheel refinishing… So you go through here (procedure), and after you get done bead blasting it, Check this out… If the wheel had a machined aluminum finish, spin the wheel and use sand paper in order to restore the circular machined appearance. (laughing) Now that’s precision ladies and gentleman. That is precision. (sarcasm) So […]

Carb fuel needle valve – Repair a leaking carburettor – reseat the valve

hey guys … here’s a needle valve … the fuel needle valve I had a problem on the PHBN 16 (Dellorto Carburettor) … in that it wasn’t fully closing and there was fuel coming past (leaking) this isn’t the actual needle valve the one on the PHBN 16 is on the bike now it wasn’t […]