Korea’s national cricket team taste first international success

Cricket is a sport that most people in Korea have never heard of, never mind even played or watched. But behind the scenes Korea’s national team has been steadily making progress since 2013, and earlier this month they got their first taste of international success. Kwon Jang-ho reports. If you were to ask most people […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 11th Sport, Volleyball (2016.03.22)

(The day the 11th sport is announced!) (KBS Annex Cool Kiz Studio) (But…) (It’s empty for some reason!) Hello. (Bow) I heard the 11th sport will be announced today. Everyone else… I have to do the opening by myself. It’s a bit strange. (Right then) (Mr. Ball appears!) Whatever sport it is, I will do […]

Rio 2016: Korea’s badminton stars crash out in QF of men’s doubles

Time now to turn our focus to the latest from the 2016 Olympics in Rio… Day 10 was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for Korea’s badminton stars. The men stumbled,.. but the women’s pair made it to the semis,… where they can secure themselves at least a bronze medal with a victory. Our Lee Un-shin […]

S. Korea-U.S. summit takes place amid diplomatic tug-of-war in Northeast Asia

And our Blue House correspondent Hwang Hojun, who’s also in Washington for the summit between Presidents Moon and Trump… is going to guide us step-by-step through the flurry of diplomacy that’s taken place over the past few months to get us to this point. The diplomatic surge in Northeast Asia started in March. “South and […]

S. Korea’s volleyball star Kim Yeon-koung returns to Turkish league

Turning to the world of sports. South Korea’s volleyball superstar Kim Yeon-koung… is heading back to Turkey to get ready for a new season there. After playing a year for Shanghai, the 2012 London Olympic MVP signed a two-year contract with Turkish team Eczacibasi. According to her agency, Inspo-korea, she turned down a more generous […]

Tug of war continues over timeline of president’s departure from office

A group of ruling Saenuri Party lawmakers who support efforts to oust President Park Geun-hye have called on her to quickly convey her stance on whether she’ll voluntarily resign by the end of April next year. Since the president’s third national address on Tuesday,… the non-mainstream faction of the party have been tight-lipped on whether […]

Brazilian Beach Volleyball Tournament – Red Bull Latitude Zero 2012

I’m Ricardo, I’m 37 years old, and I’m Brazilian. Bruno Schmidt, defender of the southern hemisphere. I’m Maria Clara Salgado, I’m Brazilian and I’m 29 years old. I am representing the southern hemisphere. Everything is uninterrupted and then everyone joins in a mixed quartet, 45 minutes long. I think the heat will be the biggest […]

The Rules of Badminton – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Badminton Badminton, is a game played as singles (where one person plays against one person) or doubles (where two people play against two people). The object of the game is for you or your team to win 2 sets faster than your opponent. To win a set, you must score […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special Training with Volleyball Legends [ENG/2016.06.07]

The Cool Kiz achieved five wins. We’re on the rise! You won five out of eight games. We’re preparing to go on a national tour starting next week. (Drum roll) We never had an away game. The plan is to go on a national tour. Today’s opponent is important. Who is it? They’re people who […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – National Volleyball Tournament, part2 [ENG/2016.07.12]

This is the 2016 Let’s Volleyball tournament. Game 1 starts now. (Their first match with team Narsha from Gwangju) A swift attack! (They have a slow start) The strong serve… Ties it up! (The tide has turned) Kangnam passes to Hakjin… Spike! They make a comeback! Blocked! (They get their first win) Let’s just get […]