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Badminton Backhand Net Kill: The Different Types

Different types of net kill ok now I would like to show you different kinds of net kill have a look please number 1 normally the beginners or intermediate players they do it shuttle, move this side I might hit you shuttle comes, like this ok kill you got the chance, shuttle come you kill […]

Badminton Footwork Skill (4) Net Kill Step in Doubles

Doubles or Mixed doubles, net kill step there are 3 steps ready, hit, ready because shuttle is coming back to the net fast after the shot there must be one step ready otherwise it takes too long please watch my feet ready hit ready, hit ready, hit ready, hit ready, hit ready, hit ready, hit […]

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-1 (Set Your Mind)

Before you try to do the whole program of Follow Lee and program of the first lesson, Follow Lee first lesson Net Kill, please do not view it if you don’t understand what I am going to say if you do not agree if you don’t think you can do it, what I am going […]

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-5 (How to change Grip) Follow Lee – Lesson 1-5 The Net Kill (How to change grip) Now very important element how to grip how to change grip to the shuttle cock how to change grip after made shuttle cock ok first of all when you are waiting grip like that ok watch ok I will show you without […]

Orb weaver spider, spider web time-lapse and eating a cricket – Biodiversity Shorts #5

Hello my name’s Marc and welcome to Biodiversity Shorts. Now if you look up here there’s a small cluster of leaves here. inside there is an orb weaver spider and she stays hidden away in their during the day but at night, usually a couple other hours after it gets dark she comes out and […]

Badminton-The best way to move your racket to the shuttlecock for net kill

After service, after service ready shuttle is coming, sometimes you move your feet and racket goes like that what you have to do, serve ready shuttle is there then racket should go to the shuttle cock not backwards ok, feed me with shuttles so, look wait you served, you are ready and the shuttle is […]

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-7(Homework) Follow Lee – Lesson 1-7 The Net Kill (The homework) I am giving you the training program from today for the next 6 days 1 day rest so I expect you to do it and do it more least everything but not less when you practice this one I would like you to have […]

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-3 (How to Hit) Follow Lee – Lesson 1 – 3 The Net Kill (How to hit) How to hit there are 3 types in net kill number 1 with bigger swing when shuttle is bit heigh definitely finish it number 2 when shuttle is reasonably heigh I cannot make big swing because its quite tight we have […]