How The Global Financial Crisis Changed Football

If ever a sport reflected a certain disconnect with its audience, it is surely football. Players’ wages continue to climb, the big clubs remain cash cows and the competitive imbalances that have plagued the game for the past decade show little sign of levelling out. In contrast, most of professional football’s client base enjoy very […]

DYBALA BOOT HISTORY 2011 – 2017 | All Paulo Dybala football boots

Paulo Dybala, what boot is he gonna wear and for which brand? Well that my friends, is one of the big unanswered questions of our time. And while we wait on finding out at some point, I guess, who knows? Let’s take a look back in time to see which boots Paolo Dybala has actually […]

Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan Tactics Explained

Inter have made a strong start to the Serie A season under coach Antonio Conte. Conte, who has won Serie A three times as a manager with Juventus, as well as the Premier League while at Chelsea, has instituted the three man defence that served him well at both his top flight title-winning stints. After […]

🔥RONALDO vs SUAREZ: Football Challenges!🔥 (Parody)

for four challenges redundant versus Suarez the trickshot challenge oops my bad I thought he said Deadshot one-nil the cheeky challenge ok tit faith we’re rolling do you love me [Music] okay tooth face we’re rolling just like you when your play-acting to get the rough to give you a fall Mathi do you love […]