Как выбрать кроссовки? КОНКУРС! / How to choose volleyball shoes? CONTEST!

[Music] everyone Matt Anderson play volleyball for zinnias on an outside hitter hey guys my name is igor union and i’m a beautiful volleyball clubs in kazan and today we will help you to choose shoes to play volleyball for me the most important part of the shoe is to find the the sole the […]

THE SCARIEST SPORT – Dan and Phil play: Golf With Friends #4

(P) Hello Dan and Phil Games! (D) Hi! (P) Haun- I was about to say: “Haunted Holes” But I’m gonna change that haha (P) To “Zombie Caddy Lads!” (P) And welcome to what is gonna be: (D) The scariest video this week (P) The Scariest Game (D) Are you kidding me? You want horror? You […]

4 TIPS to JUMP HIGHER, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about how we can actually jump higher and we’re not gonna talk about the strength of the legs and so on so not about the physical attributes but more about the biomechanical skills so actually when we jump high we are actually not improving the power of our smash […]

Why Volleyball Teams Excel With VertiMax

My name is Chad Sutton I’m the head coach at Cardinal Mooney high school, also the director of Orlando Tampa volleyball academies here so my favorite thing about coaching is the kids and just seeing them develop from a young age to young adults and the growth, and maturity, and the development just from passion […]

How to Do a Jump Float Serve | Volleyball Lessons

The float serve in beach volleyball is pretty common. You can add some power behind your float serve by doing a jump float serve. What that is is it’s a mini-approach. It’s not a full approach like the jump serve, which uses top spin. You toss the ball in front of you and you take […]

Football Recruiting Video Tips

here’s what’s included in your recruiting highlight films first make it easy for the coaches to watch a football recruiting video and make every frame cal don’t senate taper dvd to a coach lest they request it or you have a record book third party to stand up for you and here are some good […]

How to Jump Higher for Volleyball | Fast Way to Improve Vertical Jump | How to Spike a Volleyball

Today we are just going to talk about vertical jump height and how to improve that number. It’s a test that a lot of people get tested on when they go play their sports or go into combines and things like that. We are going to work on how to improve that height. So I […]

Volleyball Explained: Physical Preparation

[Applause] I’ll go I’m not vegetative when I said no new transport k2 but it was now at an opportunity called with a genie in a salmon which Cosmo name is name of queer Tatia Tatia – appeared service tech force which is proper search necessity animal Cesario code with Dimitri sister cause at the […]

How we made ACD Season 2, Pt. 1

Pretty Now I know why he wanted me to join him this time so he could just not show up Did he know were friends? We don’t need him. Yeah, he’s alright shot unless he’s just like I already shot it I just used myself. I’ll just face replace myself Give me these LEDs Matt […]