PUI Interiors Armrest Covers & Bases Installation Rear Arm Rest Tutorial Overview Piston Cover

We’re back here in our patterning department at PUI, and we’re going to show you how to recover your rear armrest covers. Some of you may know these as an ash well cover. This is out of a Wildcat convertible. It’s going to be similar to any Impala, any D body. The process is going […]

JaxWax Tornador Black Car Cleaning Tool TT020 Control Funnel With Fluid Control System Car Auto

The Tornador Black. The Tornador Black is delivered and ready for use with air fittings. Our engineers managed to improve on the well known performance on the world renowned Tornador Classic and designed the Tornador Black. The Tornador Black is more powerful than the Tornador Classic, giving you a better and faster result. Inside the […]

QA1 Rod Ends Heim Joints Steering Suspension Adjustment Connection Threaded Eyelet

Hey, I’m Jeremy with QA1. Today I’m gonna walk you through how we expect our rod ends. First we check our threads. We use go/no-go gauges. We check the bore. We check the ball width and the thread length with a digital caliper, the Rockwell hardness testing. Those are the tests we use to inspect […]

Wheel Bead Loc vs Rim Screws vs Bead Seat Knurling Single Double Lock Tire Weld Racing

When it comes to high horsepower applications, there are three options when it comes to maintaining a strong bond between your tire and wheel: Bead-Locs, rim screws, and knurling. The goal is to fix the tire to the wheel by preventing the tire from slipping on the wheel. Rim screws, the first line of defense […]

Duplicolor Paint Shop Base Coat Application Tutorial Overview

Man 1: All right. Well, we’re finally ready to apply the Paint Shop. There is a lot of little fine details that we need to take care of before we lay down the paint. Now what I did was I went through and I blew the entire car off with the air gun. Brian and […]

How To Measure Wheel Size and Fitment Diameter Offset Backspacing Width Bolt Pattern Lug Nuts

Brought to you by JEGS. In this video we’ll cover some of the potential pitfalls you can encounter when ordering custom wheels. How to measure properly to ensure your new wheels will fit the car correctly. And how to make sure you’re ordering the correct product for your vehicle. It’s important to always take your […]

Battery Charger Moroso 74016 Power 12 16 Volt 110 AGM Lead Acid Hibernation

Hi there, this is Scot with Moroso Performance and thank you for visiting Moroso TV again here at Englishtown, New Jersey. We are here today to show you today how to use your Moroso 74016 battery charger. This battery charger has been in the market for many years now and everything from Pro teams all […]

Fuel Level Gauges Autometer How They Work How To Install Tutorial Instructions Ohms Wiring

Year after year one of the most common topics we deal with on the Auto Meter tech line is fuel level gauges. While one of the simplest gauges we make, there are a number of variables that have the potential to trip you up if you’re unprepared. We decided to take a road trip to […]