A Day In The Life At Grind Hard Plumbing Co (Buying Our Next Project)

[Music] hey guys Edwin here we’re gonna do something a little different today so we are gonna get really detailed on what we actually do in an average day but I will admit today is very above-average because we have new parts in the mail we’re going to start on the Jeep we’re gonna work […]

50HP Barbie Jeep Full Send!

already [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] no that was incredible to us awesome I was hitting ditches like this deep going 40 miles an hour and I didn’t even feel it [Laughter] [Music] [Music] I think so fun to watch just doesn’t look real it doesn’t know any just a cat walks all the way up […]

Ultimate Princess Jeep Build 4-Link Suspension and Steering Part 3

[Music] today’s the first day of episode 3 of Cinderella a lots gonna happen in this episode Cinderella’s gonna get a lot more Cindy yeah we’re gonna go from sort of swing arms set up to a full four-link rear suspension so it’s got flex the other main thing is gonna work on is the […]

The Ultimate Barbie Jeep Build Part 1

[Music] so we saw some people dressed up on the side of the road realized it’s Halloween called this guy on Craigslist he doesn’t have an address but he lives on Sleepy Hollow Lane so that’s where we are feeding random guy without address on Craigslist on Sleepy Hollow Lane on Halloween yeah sounds like […]

What’s the best 4×4? | New Land Rover Discovery vs Jeep, Toyota, Isuzu, Mercedes, Dacia | Autocar

You join me in a quarry to answer the following question. Which is the best off roader? Is it the all-new aluminum Land Rover Discovery? Is it the closest rival we have here the Toyota Land Cruiser? Is it the small, light and cheap Dacia Duster? Is it an Isuzu D-Max? Well probably not but […]

Jeeps at the Farm – Car Crushing, Show-N-Shine, Obstacle Course & More!

Today, we’re out at Extreme Terrain’s Jeeps at the Farm event. We had a huge show and shine, an obstacle course with a ton of mud, music, food, a lot of people having a great time, and this event happens twice a year. If you love Jeeps, you have to get out here. But now, […]

55 HP Princess Jeep First Drive

our goal is by the end of this video to be driving the princess Jeep but Cinderella still needs a lot of work yeah it’s definitely not gonna be finished by the end of this video but we’re hoping to be able to at least drive it a little bit test everything out and then […]

2020 Jeep Gladiator: The Jeep Wrangler Pickup You’ve Always Wanted | Edmunds

DAN EDMUNDS: Ever wish Jeep made a Wrangler pickup? Well, now they do, and it’s called the “Jeep Gladiator.” From this point forward, the Gladiator is just like a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. But as you can see, they’ve lengthened the frame, and they’ve made it stronger. They’ve added 19 inches to the frame, and that […]