How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Prepare for the Shot in Archery

Hi my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with Expert Village to talk about beginning archery. This time we are going to show you how to shoot; the proper way to shoot your bow. Make sure to look at it: nothing is loose, everything is secure; look at my arrow make sure it’s in good […]

Football is coming to Texas Wesleyan University

We don’t love college football because of instant replay we don’t love it because of VIP parking either no it’s about something else it’s walk-ons trick plays and rivalry games it’s about loyalty and tradition it’s about the students it’s about the game this is why we love football this is Texas Wesleyan

Chelsea vs Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold scores a screamer & Firmino nets again | HIGHLIGHTS

JOHN BRADLEY: After an impressive start it’s Alexander-Arnold! Absolutely emphatic. That’s a decent ball by Christensen, and Abraham has broken the offside trap and is in on goal… Super save. Adrian stood tall and stood big, and keeps Liverpool in front. It’s gonna spin for Willian, who’s in. Oh, some save by Adrian, but it’s […]

Bournemouth 0-3 Liverpool | Reds hit three on the road | Highlights

That’s forward looking for the run! And Liverpool score. And once again it’s another beautiful ball over the top. Liverpool in front. A backline that hasn’t played together before, and now they could be in real trouble, because it’s Roberto Firmino… Ramsdale able to get down and make the save. Milner. Keita. Influential so far […]

Beautiful PA 8-Point Buck Kill | PA Archery 2019(Part 1)

well we are here at the mountains in central pennsylvania its about 20 degrees this morning and that was the first deer a nice 6 point hes’ a really nice deer but I passed him up and he walked right up to my brother and i guess he spooked because he walked right back here […]

Archery | Win & Win Arrow Puller Review

This is the Win & Win arrow puller. It’s shaped like a cat. It’s made out of rubber has grooves on the inside to get a better grip on the shaft and it’s shaped like a cat. It comes with a caribiner clip for easy attachment to your belt. It also has stripes, whiskers, pudgy […]

Richard Hammond takes his daughters off-roading

I’m Richard Hammond and I’m 50 this year. There you go. I said it. And yes, I am having a midlife crisis. But I’m not ashamed of that. In fact I’m celebrating it. I’ve already covered off all the usual cliches: fast cars, fast bikes, that sort of stuff, in fact there was only one […]

MIT Football Defeats Coast Guard in a 13-0 Final

– Honestly feels good when the defense can get a shut out. You know, that’s what we come try to do every day. Feels good to move one step closer to our goal, winning NEWMAC’s, we just gotta win out and we’re in control of our own destiny which is great. Especially at halftime it’s […]

Monster Energy Supercross – Announce Trailer | PS4

[“RAISE HELL” BY DOROTHY PLAYING] To be champion it’s not about what you wear, nor about what you ride. It’s about how you feel. Monster Energy Supercross, the official video game. Enter the arena.