India’s Blind Football Team | India Plays – S1E07

I once asked a blind boy, do you dream? Because dreaming is about, Colour… Shape… Sensation. All the blind people dream. and they dream with touch. They dream with sound. The world’s largest blind population is in India. In India being differently abled is one of the most difficult things to be. A – There […]

1000+ IPL CRICKET ATTAX CARDS! AWSOME GOLDS & Limited Editions (Part-1/2)

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25 Moments that changed Cricket Forever (ESPNCricInfo) | The Ikaist

Close…! Given!! there are no reviews and Bangladesh has won this second test match A famous victory in Dhaka to level the series Carlos Braithwaite!!! Remember the name history for the West Indies The great world of international cricket all the focus is here in Australia and on Adelaide where today the first Day Night […]

BwC S2E3 – Michael Holding | Is he the Morgan Freeman of cricket?

Well let me tell you something, 1983… …if you were outside of Mumbai or as it was called Bombay in those days… …and you wanted to call Caribbean, you took up the phone in your hotel room… …you spoke to the hotel operator, the hotel operator called the Bombay operator… …the Bombay operator called the […]

Men’ s doubles 2017 || Badminton with Gandhi

Men’s doubles game starts now..mens double

Inner-city cricket: is ethnic minority talent being missed?

Players of south Asian heritage make up about 30% of recreational cricketers in the UK. however only four percent make up the pool of professional players When you play at a certain level, at school level, especially in Birmingham, an element of prejudice. You obviously moved from Derbyshire to Leicestershire, presumably to get more game […]

Street Cricket Stereotypes | Paracetamol Paniyaram

*burp* Baahubali!!! You dumbass -What da? My bat! Dei! Take it! Ah! Shall I? -Hmm! SHALL I?! -HMM!! Bro bro A little lighter *epic miss* -immense celebration *still celebrating* Hey! Where are you going? NO bro They called me home Im leaving ok? Bye bye bye Atleast give the bat and go, we should play […]

Fighting for new blood – Inner-city cricket: the state of play

To fight for the attention of the sporting public in a crowded market, cricket is trying to evolve With participation dwindling too, the ECB has put in place several projects such as All Stars Cricket for five-to-eight-year-olds, a women’s Soft Ball Festival and a new city-based tournament scheduled for 2020 to address those slumps. While […]

The Rules of Cricket – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Cricket. The object of the game is for your team to score more runs than the opposing team. Teams are made up of 11 players, with one substitute in case of injury. At the beginning of the game, a coin toss is used to determine who bats first. The fielding […]

Village lo IPL Cricket fun | village cricket | my village show comedy | 4k

Last 2 balls, 2 runs to win, last wicket Brother, take single and give me the batting I’ll hit the winning shot For sure, this time I’ll make you win the match wicket…. Out Hey Madhu, What is this man? Ashwin did that in Punjab I did it here That’s it Then why did you […]