How to Snowboard : Toeside Falling Leaf on a Snowboard

Once again, I’ve learned a little bit about how to stand on your toeside. You want to do a Toeside Falling Leaf. It’s the same thing as the Heelside Falling Leaf; you’re just facing up the hill. Remember, keep your weight over your toes or you’re going to catch a heel as you fall backwards. […]

Advanced Snowboarding Tips : How to Ride Powder on a Snowboard

KEVIN BYFORD: Hi. I’m Kevin Byford with the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Okay so riding powder. Some tips on riding powder. Key thing is to keep your body over the board. Don’t lean too much you don’t want too much edge. Secondly, make sure your knees are […]

Odell Beckham Jr. Inspires the Munich Cowboys (German Football League) | OBJ Going Global | NFL

This place has been around for a very long time. It’s pretty cool to be here. If you were to see German football, you’d probably think we were talking about soccer, not really knowing that they have what they have over here. It’s great to be able to see young ones out here loving the […]

How to Snowboard : Common Snowboarding Mistakes

In this segment, we’re going to talk a little bit about common mistakes that I see people make on a daily basis. Things that you should try to avoid. A lot of times, I see people leaning in the back seat when they’re trying to make their turns. That is to say, their weight is […]

Archery | Making Bowstrings – String Material

There’s a difference between these strings, and it’s not colour. Now many people want to get into making bow string thinking “Man, I really want to make this awesome red bow string.” And we go online, and then you see this: Wh… wha… what the heck is all this? What’s BCY? What’s dyneema? How much […]

How to Snowboard : Aggressive Toeside Snowboarding Turns

Once you feel comfortable aggressively falling leaf on heelside, don’t neglect to toeside. It’s just as important and just as easy. Just remember, to keep your hips forward and your knees bent. All you have to do is look where you want to go. If you want to slow it down and stop, simply look […]

Archery | Making A Two-Colour Endless Loop Bowstring

Welcome to another string making tutorial. Today we’ll be making a two color endless-loop string using BCY 8125G red and black. The process for making the string is identical to making a single color string. If you’re unsure have a look at my other string making tutorial. I’ll be pointing out things to watch out […]

Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Practice Archery

Hello, I’m Leroy Sisco, and on behalf of Expert Village, I’d like to give you a few tips and techniques on archery. One thing I do when I’m sighting my bow in, I pick a dot and shoot a dot instead of the general target because it makes you concentrate a lot heavier on a […]

Archery Tips & Techniques : Where to Get Archery Help

Hello, I’m Leroy Sisco, and on behalf of Expert Village, I’d like to give you a few tips and techniques on archery. When you first start out in archery, it’s very important that you get somebody to help you. Get someone that knows what archery’s all about and then they can help you in maybe […]

How to Play: Pickleball