I think Pablo and I have a lot in common, especially the way we see our football. I think we are good professionals, we love what we do. I think we love it, we love what we do. We know we are lucky to have the best job in the world. And that we are […]

What’s inside an Australian Football?

– Which one’s gonna break first? The compressor or the football? (laughs) (loud boom) – [All] Oh! (synth note) – We’ve been asked a lot about different things from Australia and around the world. And one thing particular is, an Australian football. And I didn’t even know there was a difference or that there was […]

🔥Golf Swing Inside Out Drills (COPY THESE!)

What’s inside FARTING Golf Balls?

– [Dan] He’s trying to obviously, slice this thing around but, 94 yards, a lot of green to work with there. (ball creaks) Might be the first time I’ve seen a shot do that! (creaking) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and this is a farting golf ball. Wanna […]

World Number 1 Badminton Player Lee Chong Wei ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Eng Sub)

Im hereby to accept their challenge Ok, seems so many people challenge me, I am do it now They said 24hours, but when I reach Denmark for the badminton tournaments its already late But never mind, I still doing it Of course I will challenge three people later First one, Malaysia Defend Minister Dato Hishamuddin […]

What’s inside a Volleyball?

– Hello YouTube world, we’re back to cut open another ball and figure out what’s inside of it. Due to popular request, we have a volleyball. This volleyball is Tachikara zebra, it’s really soft. I don’t know much about volleyballs but we ordered this on Amazon and my daughters love it and they wanna keep […]

Insane car battery hack

-(announcer) You’ve seen the other battery hacks. The 9-volt… Lame! The 6-volt… Lame! And the 12-volt… Mega lame! Not this one though. We’re gonna hack a car battery and save you millions of dollars a year. First, borrow your buddy’s keys to his car and pop the hood open. Find the battery and take it […]

What’s inside Nike Air VaporMax?

– It will probably be interesting to other people. – [Dan] Those are tough. Goodbye VaporMax that are not even out yet. (saw blade buzzing) (boxes crashing) (Lincoln screams) (laughs) What was that? – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we’re gonna cut open some Nike Air Max. […]

Whats inside an Engine?

(heavy metal music) (upbeat electronic music) (briefcase latches snap) – Wow! Welcome back to What’s Inside, I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. Today, today, is going to be huge! – Huge! – Huge. – Crazy. – What is this? – What is this thing? – It’s squishy! It’s squishy. – XL Mobil recently launched Mobil 1 […]

What’s inside a $400 vs $50 Cooler?

– I never thought I’d buy a $400 cooler, and now we’re gonna destroy it. Whoa! – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we are wearing safety glasses. – Safety first, or second. – And we have a $400 Yeti cooler. – Have you guys seen these things? […]