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Last 2 balls, 2 runs to win, last wicket Brother, take single and give me the batting I’ll hit the winning shot For sure, this time I’ll make you win the match wicket…. Out Hey Madhu, What is this man? Ashwin did that in Punjab I did it here That’s it Then why did you […]

WTD | S4E1 | Anil Kumble & Virender Sehwag | What The Duck | Viu India

Welcome to What the Duck, Season 4 and the guests for today’s episode are… Viru, catch it. – Mr. Anil, how are you? – I’m fine. – Welcome, sir. – Thank you. You know what? When he used to bowl, I would field at short leg. Even if the ball went past two feet away […]

Episode 2 | Ishant Sharma | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Sometimes, when I bowl slow during the match, Bumrah would say “Come on, rev up the engine”. And I would grunt on top of my voice. My bowling speed was 130 kmph. Bumrah would say after two balls “Has the engine not warmed up?” His speed would go up to 140 kmph. I told him […]

WTD | S4E2 | Harbhajan Singh & Kedar Jadhav | What The Duck | Viu India

– Turn the ball a bit. Off spin… – Like an off spinner. – Your hand is too high. – Vikram: Oh. – Kedar: Keep it lower. – Vikram: Lower? Yeah, this is fine. – What do I say to the umpire? – Kedar: Actually… – Kedar: Umpire… – Over the wicket or underground bowling? […]