Sailen Manna & India’s Barefoot Football Team

We all know India as a cricket crazy nation but it’s very hard to believe that there was an Footballer by name of Sailen Manna who nearly took the country to 1950 FIFA World Cup only to be withdrawn at the last moment by the Indian football Governing body (AIFF). Sailendranth Manna also known as […]

Masuri TON Range — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Masuri TON range of cricket bats. Really exciting, this is brand new to the market, so— You’ve got Masuri, the famous helmet company that’s been designing and making some of the world’s leading helmets for years, they’ve teamed up with the biggest batmaker in India— Sareen Sports — the TON brand, to create a fantastic […]

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Most Richest Cricketers In The World

Cricket Coaching Batting Tips How to Use Bowling Machines

India vs Pakistan World Cup Match | Stand Up Comedy By Rehman Khan

Today there is a match, do you all know? Team England and Indian (pause) Oil team (Team India)… All of the social media is talking, not me… actually it’s hilarious, Dinesh Kartik got out of his room, and one person (Punjabi) came by his car, stopped near him (Dinesh Kartik) and said “fill the tank […]

BCCI issues showcause notices to Rahul, Hardik | Daily Cricket News

press the bell icon on the YouTube app and never miss another update for us and cricinfo hello and welcome to ESPN cricinfo dailies I’m Jason Dacey our top stories from the world of cricket today are Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul asked to explain their talk show comments, Australia make wholesale changes for tests […]

Girliyapa’s Chak De! Indian Women Cricketers

After putting up a good game, the Indian women’s cricket team has reached the semi-finals. Filled with hopes and passion, the Indian captain Mithali and the girls are working on some strategies for a game that’s starting in a few minutes. Ravi, wish we had access to the dressing room to see we could’ve seen […]

Ajmal Shahzad – From Parks to Pavilions – Cricket Heritage – Short

My kind of feeling and feedback of Qaid-E-Azam League was a bunch of people really wanted to play cricket together didn’t care where it was, how it was, what the facilities was like whether the grass was cut or not cut, whether the pitch was prepared or not we would find a way of playing […]

Ambati Rayudu Announces Retirement From Cricket

33-year-old Indian batsman Ambati Rayudu wrote a letter to BCCI said that he would be retiring from all forms of cricket such as T20, ODI and Test Matches. He decided to retire. The BCCI then announced his decision of getting retired to everyone. He made his debut in 2001-2002 season of the Ranji Trophy. He […]

Cricket – Go Hard or Go Home | Not just a game #CWC19

I feel like the sky is falling down Ain′t nobody here to play around Push it to the edge‚ I won′t back down ′Cause It is time to go hard or go home One way up‚ no way out I give it all‚ all for the family We stay up‚ no bail outs Give it all‚ all for the family‚ family‚ family‚ fa fa family Five‚ four‚ three‚ two‚ I got one shot You lose the love and respect‚ that′s where the trust stop New work‚ top drop I roll up every fifteen minutes like a bus stop And you can smell just how I am smokin′ when I burn out And you can catch me ridin′ dirty‚ but my car not It is love and loyalty until my heart lock Never turn your back‚ won′t know how it turned out I said it once‚ I will do it again I am playin′ the game‚ I do it to win With you and your friend‚ that′s thick and thin That′s me and my team‚ you know we gon′ win You know we gon′ ball‚ you know we gon′ ride ′til the whels fall off You know we gon′ stick to the course‚ we ain′t thinkin′ ′bout y′all I feel like the sky is falling down Ain′t nobody here to play around Push it to the edge‚ I won′t back down ′Cause It is time to go hard or go home One way up‚ no way out I give it all‚ all for the family We stay up‚ no bail outs Give it all‚ all for the family For the family All for the family‚ family‚ family‚ fa fa family M O N E Y‚ what I go hard for Swingin′ on the green like I am tryna get a par four You ain′t sittin′ at my table‚ hope you starve Ho‚ don′t be pushin′ my buttons ′less you startin′ up my car Pressure make a diamond‚ that pressure make me a star […]