Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today we are gonna be making some DIY Football Treats. Superbowl is just around the corner and being a Seattle native I am so excited for the Seahawks! In college I was actually a football cheerleader, I really enjoy watching the game. So alright, let’s get started! The 1st thing that […]

Oreo Cricket Milkshake Taste Test

– I don’t think it’s gonna taste weird. But I don’t know how I’m gonna get the thought of like a thousand crickets screaming out of my mind. (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) – Like we’rte gonna run out of regular protein? – Yes. – Like one day we’re gonna run around– – That […]

World Number 1 Badminton Player Lee Chong Wei ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Eng Sub)

Im hereby to accept their challenge Ok, seems so many people challenge me, I am do it now They said 24hours, but when I reach Denmark for the badminton tournaments its already late But never mind, I still doing it Of course I will challenge three people later First one, Malaysia Defend Minister Dato Hishamuddin […]

Summertime is Great (Official Music Video)

Summer vacation is here Gonna ride my bike Gonna go somewhere It’s my favorite time of year It’s Summertime and isn’t it great It’s Summertime when everything’s great See all the birds in the sky Time to hit the pool Watch the people pass by It’s my favorite time of year It’s Summertime and isn’t […]

Topsy Turvy Bus | ‘The Mutant Brothers’ Build Wacky Upside-Down Vehicle

STEVE: Our client came to us with a problem. They said, ‘We’ve got two school busses but only one parking space. Can you help us?’ We were like, ‘yes, we can.’ COMM: This topsy-turvy school bus is the handiwork of art car fabricators ‘The Mutant Brothers’. TOM: It’s 24 feet long and it’s 13 feet […]