Experience the Grittier Side of Tug of War

(ominous, heavy music) – [Voiceover] Are you ready? Okay, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Brooklyn, Wisconsin. We’re about to start the competition here today, and anytime you guys are ready to pull, well you go ahead and pull and never mind me. – Steady! (ominous music) (grunting) – [Voiceover] Tighter! – [Voiceover] Tug-O-War […]

Building Hollywood’s Iconic Cars

– When we get pulled over in the Batcars, luckily a lot of the police officers just want their picture taken with it. Yes sir, you can. Please do. We created the Batcar for the Michael Keaton Batman movie, the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo, everything from Herbie the Love Bug to the Landspeeder from Star […]