Bowling Tips How To Get More Shane Warne style LegSpin

Entry Paths For Spinning On A Snowboard

When spinning you always want to pop from jumps using an edge. Your edge will give you the grip you need to push off to initiate a spin. If you try to start a spin from a flat base you’ll notice the board just wants to slide across the snow, putting you in a potential […]

Balanced Position On A Snowboard

Your snowboard is what you balance over, it’s your base of support so you want to try and keep the majority of your weight stacked over your board to maintain balance. With your front foot strapped in, stand with your free foot on the board next to your back binding. A good place to start […]

How To Boardslide 270 Out On A Snowboard (Goofy)

270’s Out Start by jumping a front 3. Land blind and ride away. Now do this. Tailslide, 270. It’s almost exactly the same with a box put in the middle. As you’re in the tailslide, keep your body winding around and once you reach a maximum wound up position that’s when you snap the 270 […]

Ziz Zag Nutmeg/Tunnel – Football Match Skills & Street Soccer Tricks or moves

Hello ! I am Guido from Football Tricks Online and today we will teach you the following trick Ok we will do the following to start with we will place our body versus the opponent now we just we drag the ball like this so the opponent thinks that he can take the ball so […]

How To Tail Butter Frontside 180

For a Tail Butter Frontside 180 you have to be proficient with Ollie’s, Nollies, holding the Tail Butter position and doing counter-rotated Frontside 180’s. A counter-rotated 180 is where your upper and lower body twist against each other to make the spin happen. Simulate the trick with your board off first. Nollie, hold the tail […]


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