How to Make a LED Shuttlecock | How to Play Badminton at Night

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How to Jump Higher for Volleyball | Fast Way to Improve Vertical Jump | How to Spike a Volleyball

Today we are just going to talk about vertical jump height and how to improve that number. It’s a test that a lot of people get tested on when they go play their sports or go into combines and things like that. We are going to work on how to improve that height. So I […]

How To Teach The Mental Game Of Golf To A Teen – Craig Sigl

It’s the 18th hole and my 15 year old son, AJ walks up to the green. He takes his time eyeing his ball that is laying about 25 feet from the hole. It’s a double breaker that requires a bit of an uphill putt. He needs to make this shot in (one stroke?)to win his […]

How To Install NOS

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods, we, uh…You know what we’re doing. (Intro rock music) SYNTHVOICE: Mighty Car Mods Welcome to another episode of Mighty Car Mods, proudly supported by Just Car Insurance. Now, in this episode, it’s time to finally dominate that MX5 and we’re doing so with a NOS install on the […]

How to auto adjust LED brightness

Hi, it’s usually hard to tell if an LED is on or off in direct sunlight. On the other hand the same LED can be blinding when it’s dark. Have you ever wondered how to overcome this problem by making an LED brighter in direct sunlight and dimmer in low light automatically? In this short […]

Repairing a damaged EV charging cable.

Hey guys, I got [a] quick repair video for you today this actually belongs to a friend of mine. [this] is a charging cable [for] an electric vehicle particularly a Chevy volt [but] it would actually work on just about any home and he had an unfortunate incident with his dog and So I’m just […]

Go Kart Materials: How to Build a Go Kart: Frame Materials

Hey everybody, it’s KartFab here, and today we are going to go over all the materials you need to build own go kart from scratch. We’re going to go over the tools you need, the go kart parts kit you need, the frame materials, as well as all of the hardware to bolt it all […]

Build an Awesome Misting Machine in 15 Minutes

– [Voiceover] Ladies and gentlemen, for thousands of years, hot weather has plagued mankind, causing enough side effects to give you the heebie-jeebies, sunburn, heat exhaustion, and even worse, BO. But thanks to recent scientific advances in the Household Hacker Laboratories, we bring you the Magnatomic Ionic Space-Time Emission Relay, or just MISTER. It’s your […]