how to make a mini crossbow with simple steps ( DIY archery) home made toy crossbow

hello everyone…in this video i’m gonna teach you how to make a mini crossbow like this one and to make this you will need a sheet of paper, a plastic stick 8 bbq sticks , electric tape and a binder clip you’re also gonna need two rubber bands first..take three bbq sticks and use electric […]

Spinning Football CAKE (soccer) HOW RIDICULOUS collab!

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon today we are making a spinning soccer ball cake. Soccer has been requested by so many of you. To make the rich chocolate cake you will need cocoa, baking powder, eggs now yes there are lots of eggs and that makes the cake really rich […]

How to make Football Penalty Game ⚽

Simple Penalty Shoot game for kids Make the playing arena Use wooden sticks as goal posts Let’s make the shooting mechanism Paste the cardboard pieces as shown Use pencils for shooting the ball Make markings on the pencils Drill holes in the pencil Make sure one hole is vertical and other is horizontal Insert wooden […]

What can be Made by Plastic: Homemade Badminton Shuttle Ball making Using Waste Plastic Bottle[Easy]

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Best Out of Waste || Reusing Badminton Shuttlecocks Box

Welcome to Om Lifestyle & Decor Today I will show you how to transform a Badminton Shuttlecock Box using Aluminium foil and paint I will be using these fabric flowers from an old dress You may also use pistachio shells or the cardboard flowers for the embossed effect. I will also be using this string […]

Homemade Paintball TANK

wuz up guys I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Wargaming has approached us about a sponsorship opportunity to try out their awesome game World of Tanks and with that a chance to do a Really cool build that goes along with the game here on the poopnch We’ve got a powerful RC car and […]

Homemade electric go kart for kids in vintage style – DIY build – part 1

Electric retro car in vintage style Step by step project trailer Wooden construction oaken frame handmade parts DC engine 350 W two 12V batteries Speed projected to 9MPH Handmade upholstery After some time… Off road ready Want more ? Subscirbe me


All these connections went together beautifully and this system is looking amazing. What’s up guys welcome back to the shop today We are jumping into some hardcore diy for today’s video We’re gonna be building a flamethrower now in one of my more recent videos I jumped out of the comments and found a suggestion […]