Jumping The Tijuana Border Wall | AJ+

This group of asylum seekers is trying to climb the fence that divides Mexico and the United States. Among them is a 4-year-old girl, accompanied by her mother. Ada and her 4-year-old daughter Monserrat spent seven weeks traveling 2,000 miles from Honduras to Tijuana mainly on foot. Their aim is to claim asylum in the […]

The Football war (Weird Wars)

The Football War – 1969 The Football War was a four day conflict between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. El Salvador and Honduras are neighboring countries of Central America. Although the territory of Honduras is 5x larger than that of El Salvador, …in 1969, El Salvador had a population of 3.7 million while Honduras […]

Football War – MiniWars #2

Quick, you have two seconds to name these two countries You’re wrong! Unless you got it right Then good job! They are of course Honduras and El Salvador One thing these two countries have in common is being fanatic about Football Or if you’re a freedom-loving patriot , Soccer But do they love it so […]