Offroad buggy testdrive

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! We arrived at our testing ground See who’s here for this historic moment We expect to get wet Let’s dress for it And he only has one of those.. Be careful not to take off I’m ready! Like this The poncho doesn’t help at all This overall neither.. The […]

How to make Homemade Badminton Shuttle, making Using Feather| Easy way to make original shuttle Ball

Homemade Feather Shuttle Cock Making Use Of Sandle’s Rubber Please Like, Share and Subscribe My CHANNEL Please Like, Share and Subscribe My CHANNEL Please Like, Share and Subscribe My CHANNEL Thanks For Watching

DIY Easy Football Treats!

Hey guys, it’s Ro! Super Bowl is approaching and I have been getting so many requests from you guys to make some new Football themed treats. I love making treats to celebrate! And today, we are gonna be making 3 DIY Football Treats. I’m excited for The Super Bowl this year, I love watching the […]


So this is our world’s largest indoor mega. Golf course homemade everything Wow to be what is up funk fam Sorry, I dropped the camera that I have Corey Funk in this is capron funk Cool, so we’re out back right now and a couple days ago We bought these scooters for seven bucks. You […]

Car in the water! Amphibian car!

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! How do you like my new occassion? Excellent Renault 5, this has been donated I think we can build something nice out of this We build a surf couch somewhile ago with a lot of Dubbelfrisss cans But surfing.. that’s not exactly my thing Cars! That’s more my thing […]

Homemade Paintball TANK

wuz up guys I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop Wargaming has approached us about a sponsorship opportunity to try out their awesome game World of Tanks and with that a chance to do a Really cool build that goes along with the game here on the poopnch We’ve got a powerful RC car and […]

Where to buy Sawmill Wheels for Band Saw Mill

Where can I buy a good and proper set of Bandsaw wheels for my bandsaw mill? I can tell you. Watch the whole video. is one of the sites that I use and I recommend them because of the good pictures. Type “14 inch bandsaw parts” into the search bar. Select a model like […]

DIY lawn mower trailer / garden cart

So we’re working on our lawn cart we’re making it about a 3 by 5. Sorry we didn’t have anything of the cutting, grinding, and prep but nobody wants to see that anyway it takes too long. So now we’re starting out with just the bottom frame got it all squared and tacked up. And […]

Homemade table saw, part 1

I want to experiment with building a table saw from one of these circular saws. So, I took one and removed everything unnecessary, including the blade guard and I’m left with just the motor. I need to make some sort of mounting bracket for it, so I’m experimenting with just making these out of cardboard, […]

Making a homemade Band Saw (part2 / the wheels)

Hello again, This is the second video in the series where I show you how I built my new band saw. This time I’ll show off how I made the saw’s wheels, but before that I’ll start by putting this part above the lower wheel. I make a rebate for the blade and here I […]