Badminton Backhand Clear: How to Improve the Timing

Now how to make the timing of hit accurate now, when you hit shuttle cock please hold the shuttle cock first and then hit it, so please take the shuttle cock with 2 actions this is what I mean, you are ready and shuttle is coming there first thing you have to do, move your […]

Badminton: Backhand Clear all in one

I would like to show you from start to finish of the backhand clear when you are ready ready shuttle been hit your racket follow the shuttle cock while you are doing it you have to make steps depending on how high if shuttle is high and deep you do more steps if shuttle goes […]

Badminton Smash: How your wrist should be set

I would like to talk about the wrist for smash there are 2 ways number 1 wrist cocked that way number 2 wrist cocked that way some players do that some players do that I personally prefer to do that way and I have a reason for it ok, reason number 1 because it is […]